Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm A Country Girl

Today was quite busy -- I went to the NSO office and requested a birth certificate (of my dad not mine and I need to go back there with him next month), I ate alone in a fast food and it felt alone and then fixed my papers because it had been all over the place and super messy. And now revising my article. Anyway because I've been tired (well, a bit) I wanna tell you something that I've been hiding (not really) and I wanna spill the bean...

I'm a self - claimer country girl living in the country called Philippines.  Technically,  Philippines is a country and also a nation. When I was a kid I thought the term country is another word for nation and that is correct in the Philippines but the term country has another meaning. Like in the USA, they use the word "country" referring to a place where you can see some full blown nature or uninhabited islands and also they called their independent states as country. Examples are sea side, mountainous place, forest,  lake view, streams and jungle, ranch and so much more. 

Philippines is also an archipelago, it means you can find lots of islands and beautiful beaches where you can have #PicturePerfect. And aside from that you can also find lots of forests, mountains, hills, rice fields and more of nature making it a certified country and archipelago. 

So, what makes me a country girl aside from living in a country?

Let me start when I was young (oh gosh! This will gonna take forever - kidding).

My Love for Country Music

I never knew why I love watching and listening to country music when I was only 5 or 6 years old before I thought it was country. The melodies, the sounds and the voices captured my attention and my love for country music. It felt like it was calling me to go to a new world that will bring happiness and love and joy and paradise full of flowers and nature. It simply like cupid strike an arrow to my heart (before I knew what I know now).

From Randy Travis songs (which happened to have a cold country voice...

To the beautiful Faith Hill,  the country singer that I can remember whenever I think about Pearl Harbor. 

And the beautiful and truly amazing Shania Twain, my all time favorite queen of country music.

These singers are just some of the people who inspired me and make me believed in a country music. Their music lives on and will always be remembered. They are the pioneers and the originals.

I can't say enough how good they are but I know lots of people inspired by them. And lots of people love them and I'm one of those.

Next time I'm gonna continue my list of why I'm a country girl! Have a great day folks and hiya!

 Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest and share your country love with others! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Goodbye George and Spike, I will see you again!

I received a bad news this morning when I woke up. My nephew said that my sister and her hubby already decided to release the 2 dogs in the house -- George and Spike (two golden retriever). It's really sad but I can't blame anybody because those dogs become really noisy and little crazy the whole week. Actually, the main reason of it was Hachico, they were fighting over her. They've probably on the road now going to my parents house while I'm writing this (My sister, Mark, George and Spike)...

We often say, dogs don't really think or they're not thinking because they are animals or maybe they don't have feelings. But the truth is they have feelings too! Although,  their understanding is so little and that's make them hard to deal with sometimes. 

Honestly,  I miss them already because we've been through a lot. When George still young he almost died because of sickness. And I don't like Spike at first because of his bad attitude then recently he bit my foot but I forgave him. I love those 2 dogs and hopefully their gonna be okay.



We still have five more dogs and puppy so it means the happy and messy life continue. Also the #PicturePerfect moments.

See you next time folks, have a great day everyone!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

One morning of an Epic Proportion (joke)

Animate Scene:

I made this video way back when I was still addicted to youtube. Well, there is no doubt that there are so many inspirational, funny and really interesting videos on YouTube. But this one, let's just say it's the outcome of a person who wanna try to learn something out of her genre and teaching herself to improvise. Teaching oneself is not easy but I had fun doing it.

Here's the dialog

 Accent: British

Man: Hi, hello! You're looking pretty today. Uhm..

Woman: Well,  thank you! I'm okay and still alive. How about you? Kala mo guwapo ka noh?

Man: Ha ha ha, don't worry I'm not flirting with you!  I just think you're nice today.

Woman: Okay, so keep doing what you are doing and I'm gonna do mine. Later.

Man: Okay, later. Can we have coffee or something?

Woman: Sure so we can talk,  I think I like that...

Man: Great, great thank you! Oh wait?

Woman: What?

 Man: Nothing.            

 The end....

Liz is here saying, next time I'm gonna try to incorporate many things in creating conversations and wish me luck.

So, guys take a selfie and make your #PicturePerfect moment or make a video to uncover your talent--well I know mine is kinda like "childish expression". I guess let's take it that way.

Have a great day folks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Harry "The Prince Dog"

I already have a long week and been experiencing a lot. From the aching of my lower back to missing my baby but good thing I already received something I've been waiting for (the birth certificate)--it's pretty much stressful but we don't wanna feel bored right? So,  I'm gonna give you cuteness and #PicturePerfect

Since Harry is one of the cutest of all the dogs we have (but all of them are actually cute, okay?),  I'm gonna show you some random pictures taken from different places. Surely,  Harry will gonna give you puppy-love (literally). 

You ready?

Here we go!...

This was Harry when 2 months old.

We brought him with us when we went to a hill in my hometown last April.

We got a chance to see beautiful nature and bonded with each other with Harry.

Lots of selfies and Harry was looking sleepy.

But I know he loves seeing the place too.

He obviously enjoyed sitting on that rock.

As if it's his bed that he always wanted.

You see how happy he was?

Priceless moment!

He never left the rock the entire visit and he just changed his position when he got tired.

 And at home...

He even loves guarding the dog treats.

He's a little bossy, sometimes!

But he is so kind and sweet little one.

And super cute, too! Look at those eyes!

For sure, you'll gonna say--Aww!

Anyway, he don't like his cage. Because he wants to be everywhere around the house or just in a corner.

But he loves most is when we treat him like a baby.  

That's my hairy Harry!... The End!

Liz is here saying,  have a great day everyone and hug a loved one and a puppy! See you later!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Being Human

It's been days and I am thinking, what am I gonna write here? I'm the kind of person that want nothing but #PicturePerfect moments but sometimes it's not always like that...

Sometimes, there are some issues in our surroundings that we can't do nothing about but involve ourselves. You know why?  Because it could be frustrating or simply just getting on our nerves!

Whether you're boy, girl, gay, lesbian,  tomboy or transgender--we are all human created by God! And we're not perfect not even good enough to be powerful than the highest. And yet many people consider themselves super human. That they can do anything even to kill someone because they can--simply because they can!  Sick right? But what can we do to protect ourselves? When some evil people intentionally do that and things can never be  undone when it's done.

It's kinda crazy because I've been hearing so many bad news. From here and there at home to the news on television to my neighbors and even from my own experiences.  Things never change and it only gets worse.

The following are some examples of the things that make me feel so concerned or really annoyed...I don't know because I think you'll gonna use all your emotions when things get so alarming.

1. Bullying ~ it's crazy because I've been hearing this thing ever since I was a kid but it feels like new and always fresh. Sometimes we think bully is a fat kid who have no happiness until he took his classmates food. But no it could happen to anyone and anybody regardless of your age or mental capacity especially to schools.  Many people are trying to stop the bullying in every part of the world but only grows like disease.

I'm actually thinking what caused of this thing?
~no contentment
~no supervision of parents
~no achievement in life or you're not happy with your achievement
~you wanna be the best and when you see someone is better than you,  you go crazy
~ you're stupid
~you want to copy other people then ditch on them right after,  a***hole!
~you are too confident or simply you're afraid of being in the shadow of others
~you think you are beautiful and others are ugly, seriously? You're attitude is ugly and that makes you undesirable!
~you wanna hurt someone if you feel bad or not in the mood (you need a punching bag and not a person)

Well,  there are so much more to say but the priority here is that we just continue to nurture our kids, nieces and nephews or our loved one to be strong to be able to face the world or compete with right confident, respect, fairness and equality.

By saying these, I just wanna say that my niece and nephew are having the same problem and I feel so bad knowing it and it's like I wanna start world war 3. I just hope they can get through all of those things. And the love we give them is enough to save them from being weak and lonely.

Whew! I need to take a break a little bit and look at these beautiful goldfish and just breathe in and breathe out....hmm!
The picture  was taken from Greenbelt garden and fish pond in Makati City last Christmas season.

Anyway, can we move on? 

Shall we?

We shall...........

2. Racism ~ the bully and the racist are actually best friend. They always get along in doing wrong. It's really sad that many people experience it. We are all different in size, color, culture, religion, nationality or even gender preferences and all we need is respect and acceptance. But for other people it's hard to give or receive it. But also because of racism, some people been using it in doing bad stuff. It's crazy but it's true: You're gonna push someone to get mad at you and start a confrontation then when it happens, you can say that the person is a racist because you're underdog. You will gonna use sympathy from others and get away with what you've done. It's BS but usually it happens -- sometimes it's not about racist bullying but about understanding the cause and the situation. Because any individual can do stupid things to another individual whether you are black, white or brown. Whether you're girl, boy, gay, lesbian, tomboy or transgender. 

Anyway, when I was a kid I also experienced some kind of "racist bullying" because I used to be thin looking like malnourished kid, super dark brown (especially my forehead), I don't have beautiful dress and expensive things and maybe people thought I was weak and really just nothing. I'd been treated so bad that I don't wanna go to school and I don't have friends. When other kids picked up by their school service--I used to walk from home to school and school to home. Everyday they shouted on me when they saw me on the street walking, called me so many names that I don't wanna remember and they also laughed at me as if I was in a bad circus. And at school, nobody wanted to be my seatmate and they looked at me as if I'm not like them ( I was treated like an outcast).  It happened for a long time and good thing those days are gone. I can't believed that I suffered too much because those kids were just mean and I had no choice. My family guided me but sometimes it's not enough because I had wished it will stop. I had wished nobody treat me the way those kids treated me.

Well, honestly I don't think about it too much but I told you I get so affected when I heard a lot of bad news. If racism before was all about the skin color, now it's more of the gender preferences. Especially here in the Philippines -- most people don't fully accepted those on the third sex. But the sad thing is -- to be able for other people to show they hated those on the third sex, they take away their lives. It's really heart breaking because it's not right to be judgmental but it's so wrong to kill. I don't know what can I do but I am really hoping things will gonna get better somehow. Our world is not a safer place to live now but we only have one planet. So, again -- what can we do? 

We are all human being and being a human means we could be vulnerable in anything. So, please act as a human -- be normal and be the person you wanna be but if you wanna be bad just go back to being normal.

Stay safe and stay strong everybody! 

And now, I'm gonna leave you these Guinea Pig and rabbit (the picture was taken last Christmas when we visit Ark Avilon Zoo near Las Farolas). It's cute to see that even different animals can get along with each other.  So it only means we can do so much better than that because we are human.

Liz is here saying,  "God bless everyone" and hug a loved one!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Last drop of summer (nah)!

It's been a month since Angela's swimming lessons have ended and yet I'm still thinking about the happenings and the swimming pool itself. I am so fascinated with this amazing environment and inviting atmosphere that these kids have enjoyed. Honestly, I also enjoyed the place because I took many selfies and many pictures that I wanna show you some of it.

Sad to say that Angela didn't get to learn how to swim but I know she had a great time and #PicturePerfect moments with her classmates. Me and my sister actually thought that every time she'd been attending the swimming it was only for swimsuit competition and not for swimming competition. Well, there was no competition but when you look at them sitting on the side of the pool you'll gonna notice as if they are really in a competition. You know it's like the beauty pageant way (kinda like that).

Anyway, the following are the photos I took on the final day of Angela's swimming lesson. 


The swimming pool...

Pool side with tropical plants.

These plants really gave so much beauty in this place, especially with  yellow orchids ---gorgeous!

Look very closely.

Even that little creature seems like enjoying the flower.

Oh, caterpillar! Been busy huh!

This big tree gave  shadow to me and to other moms or aunties who's watching their kids swimming. Especially,  there were so many hot and sunny days.  And I also noticed that pink flower which happened to be my favorite. I was actually thinking when I saw it, "Oh my gosh! I need to capture that pink flower but I can't bring it home...hmmm! Where's my phone or tablet?."

And then I have it now on my social media or picture album. Super love it!

And here again the yellow orchid, so inviting and so attractive.  For sure, if you're the kind of person that love gardening you will surely gonna love what you are seeing right now. Inspiring natural beauty that attracts any bee.

A scenic  beauty combining nature and man made.

Maybe you're thinking you wanna swim right now, because I do even if I can't swim but I love dipping.

I love being one with nature.

I love taking pictures.

I love beautiful surroundings.

I love magnificent view.

I love pristine beauty.

And I love sharing it with you!

You know I've been in a botanical garden before and I can tell that this place has  similarities to it. Because you will see the whole surrounding have so many different kinds of plants and flowers. Which make it more interesting and beautiful.

What a cute formation of rock, shells and plants. The idea will surely coming from a passionate and creative person or people. I salute them for being an inspiration for others and creating a wonderful scenario. Good job!

And you will see these flowers and plants just before you enter and leave the place.

Again, I am thinking if this place is not the school swimming pool, I'm gonna be glad to have it my future home---hopefully!

And thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others".

It's gonna be a bit cold here in the Philippines because Christmas is approaching. But I know in the other parts of the world it's gonna be snowy and super cold. So, lets start wearing our jackets and hug a loved one this Christmas season.

Share the love and blessing folks! Have a great day! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Something Wrapped, "Lumpia and Turon"

After some bad days, here I am craving for something wrapped and it should be sweet or sour. Well, my day today so far is good but since I can't find anything to do I feel like I wanna eat --couch potato style.

Anyway, 2 days ago I had this very serious problem. 

Oh wait! I feel like I don't wanna tell you about it because I only want #PicturePerfect here.


But since someone told me to be more open or at least share something that other people could might relate into so, I will gonna tell you now. I got biten by my own dog. I know it's really embarrassing but I'm fine and still happy. Because there are people who always shows they really care about me -- especially, Tommy.

So, what we have here that I'm actually really craving for? 

Tan tana nan!

Introducing,  "Lumpia" and "Turon".

Lumpia is composed of sliced and shredded veggies like carrots,  potatoes, beans, onions, garlic and some people even add cabbage or any vegetables.  Also, some ground beef or any slices of meat,   seasoned and cook together. Right after that you can wrap it in any kind of dough wrapper then fry it to golden brown. You can serve it with vinegar sauce or anything you like. For sure, it's gonna be delicious and healthy.

This one is another sweet treats that for sure you'll gonna enjoy.

Turon is made up of ripe banana (small kind of banana). Cooked and fried with sugar wrapped in any kind of dough wrapper. It's crispy and sweet on the outside and softly sweet in the inside. 

Honestly,  its one of my favorite sweet treats for "meryenda" or snack time. I've been missing it actually and actually I need to go now... lol, that's a lot of actually! Whew!

Anyway, folks -- I  wish you a great day and happiness!

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others". So, it only means take a #selfie.  :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

School. Activity. And Birthday Again.

I'm not yet a mother but I know deep down inside of me, I'm gonna be happy when it's gonna happen--in time. But it doesn't mean I can't give you a daily dose of cuteness or even once in awhile of cuteness-- lol.

Anyway,  I want you to meet my niece Angela and my nephew Arnel. They are the children of my oldest sister Nhing. By the way, I also have lots of other nieces and nephews from my other sisters and brothers.  If I'm going to count them all I think they're already twelve.

Yes, quite a big family!

This was the picture I've taken after one week of Angela's first day of school last June. 

#PicturePerfect huh?

And then "Buwan ng Wika" came in last August. Buwan ng wika was all about celebrating the Filipino culture,  from dress to food to native language and more.

And don't you think Maan was cute wearing filipiniana costume? 

I mean!

This one was the "dress up your career" activity. I think it was September.  She dressed up like a doctor since she also want to be a doctor someday. And to become a chef or singer or artist and Miss Universe...and so much more. You know what's cute about her? She wants so many things when she grow up and do so many things too. And I love it because kids these days need to  be driven so that they can reach their dreams someday.

And here's Mark Arnel, my oldest nephew! 

He's not a fan of picture taking but he  had no choice because his mom took this pic of him on his field trip in Laguna last September just before his birthday. They went to many places and I know they had fun. 

I've been with my niece and nephew when they were born and I've been seeing them grow up as a God-fearing person and a role model to other kids. I know they study hard and do their best in everything and I'm always proud of them. And I wish them nothing but a great future ahead of them and safety anywhere they go. God bless these kids!

And that's about it folks, have a great day!

Liz is here saying,  "happy Ber-months" and take a #selfie...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Food Nation, "Bicol's Favorite"

As the continuation of my Bicol trip,  I wanna show you some of the delicacies and traditional food that you'll gonna find in the Philippines especially in the Bicol region (the region V).

Pili nuts or nutshell.

When you heard pili nuts in the Philippines, the first thing you'll gonna think of is Bicol. It's their famous product because they are the pioneer in creating different sweet treats made from Pili nuts. And every time you visit the province it's already traditional to buy some (as pasalubong) and bring it to your loved one in Manila or anywhere in the world. For me, Pili nuts is the almonds in Philippines. 

Aside from Pili nuts, here are some traditional food that you can find in Bicol or probably in the whole country.

First, Pancit bato(stone)! It's not that different from other kind of pancit although,  it's really heavy (it was like super solid and heavy if you're not yet cooking it). Maybe its the reason why they called it pancit bato--bato means stone. But when I ordered one, I thought its delicious and really good. And I can see the Chinese influenced on this particular dish which is fine. 

Second,  Dinuguan (Bloody stew). This dish is actually made from pork blood, intestines and slices of pork itself. If you are foreign and not familiar with this dish you better not order it. It doesn't taste bad but some people don't like it especially if you are Muslim, Iglesia or you just don't like bloody stuff in food. Dinuguan really good pairing with puto (bread-like made from sticky rice).

Third stop, Pork paksiw (pork stew). It's kinda similar to adobo but a bit sour and really tasty. Many people love to pair it with rice and for sure you'll gonna eat a lot. Yummy!

And last stop, the all time favorite breakfast in the Philippines (maybe just for me)--Egg, tapa and rice with coffee on the side. Yummy 2x!

This dish is officially weird, for those foreigners who already tasted it. We called it beef paksiw, it's like a stew but only they used the intestines of the beef.



Some people called it weird and I agreed but I love it. Not only because I'm cheap but also I don't like wasting food.  And using every part of the meat is really a good thing for me!

Shanghai rolls.

Well, Shanghai rolls was actually again a Chinese influenced. And we Filipino embraced it and make it as our own. 

Mostly, what inside of the rolls are ground beef and some veggies like sliced carrots, sliced potatoes,  slices of onion leaves, onion, garlic and mixed it with soy sauce or any seasonings.

Since you can't eat much in beef paksiw, we also ordered fried buttered chicken and yes it was not traditional. But it's super delicious! Crispy on the outside and soft and tasty in the inside.

And before I finish my plate, finally the desserts came in.

Halo-halo! Yehey!

Definitely a traditional dessert that love by many in the Philippines. Super cold and sweet, really refreshing for a hot summer day. It was perfect because I just came from a whole day nothing but hot and tiring adventure. And then I've tasted simple but authentic and delicious food.

It's a wrapped and truly #PicturePerfect.

Folks,  thanks for stopping by and see you later! 

Liz is here saying... "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others"...