Saturday, October 18, 2014

Being Human

It's been days and I am thinking, what am I gonna write here? I'm the kind of person that want nothing but #PicturePerfect moments but sometimes it's not always like that...

Sometimes, there are some issues in our surroundings that we can't do nothing about but involve ourselves. You know why?  Because it could be frustrating or simply just getting on our nerves!

Whether you're boy, girl, gay, lesbian,  tomboy or transgender--we are all human created by God! And we're not perfect not even good enough to be powerful than the highest. And yet many people consider themselves super human. That they can do anything even to kill someone because they can--simply because they can!  Sick right? But what can we do to protect ourselves? When some evil people intentionally do that and things can never be  undone when it's done.

It's kinda crazy because I've been hearing so many bad news. From here and there at home to the news on television to my neighbors and even from my own experiences.  Things never change and it only gets worse.

The following are some examples of the things that make me feel so concerned or really annoyed...I don't know because I think you'll gonna use all your emotions when things get so alarming.

1. Bullying ~ it's crazy because I've been hearing this thing ever since I was a kid but it feels like new and always fresh. Sometimes we think bully is a fat kid who have no happiness until he took his classmates food. But no it could happen to anyone and anybody regardless of your age or mental capacity especially to schools.  Many people are trying to stop the bullying in every part of the world but only grows like disease.

I'm actually thinking what caused of this thing?
~no contentment
~no supervision of parents
~no achievement in life or you're not happy with your achievement
~you wanna be the best and when you see someone is better than you,  you go crazy
~ you're stupid
~you want to copy other people then ditch on them right after,  a***hole!
~you are too confident or simply you're afraid of being in the shadow of others
~you think you are beautiful and others are ugly, seriously? You're attitude is ugly and that makes you undesirable!
~you wanna hurt someone if you feel bad or not in the mood (you need a punching bag and not a person)

Well,  there are so much more to say but the priority here is that we just continue to nurture our kids, nieces and nephews or our loved one to be strong to be able to face the world or compete with right confident, respect, fairness and equality.

By saying these, I just wanna say that my niece and nephew are having the same problem and I feel so bad knowing it and it's like I wanna start world war 3. I just hope they can get through all of those things. And the love we give them is enough to save them from being weak and lonely.

Whew! I need to take a break a little bit and look at these beautiful goldfish and just breathe in and breathe out....hmm!
The picture  was taken from Greenbelt garden and fish pond in Makati City last Christmas season.

Anyway, can we move on? 

Shall we?

We shall...........

2. Racism ~ the bully and the racist are actually best friend. They always get along in doing wrong. It's really sad that many people experience it. We are all different in size, color, culture, religion, nationality or even gender preferences and all we need is respect and acceptance. But for other people it's hard to give or receive it. But also because of racism, some people been using it in doing bad stuff. It's crazy but it's true: You're gonna push someone to get mad at you and start a confrontation then when it happens, you can say that the person is a racist because you're underdog. You will gonna use sympathy from others and get away with what you've done. It's BS but usually it happens -- sometimes it's not about racist bullying but about understanding the cause and the situation. Because any individual can do stupid things to another individual whether you are black, white or brown. Whether you're girl, boy, gay, lesbian, tomboy or transgender. 

Anyway, when I was a kid I also experienced some kind of "racist bullying" because I used to be thin looking like malnourished kid, super dark brown (especially my forehead), I don't have beautiful dress and expensive things and maybe people thought I was weak and really just nothing. I'd been treated so bad that I don't wanna go to school and I don't have friends. When other kids picked up by their school service--I used to walk from home to school and school to home. Everyday they shouted on me when they saw me on the street walking, called me so many names that I don't wanna remember and they also laughed at me as if I was in a bad circus. And at school, nobody wanted to be my seatmate and they looked at me as if I'm not like them ( I was treated like an outcast).  It happened for a long time and good thing those days are gone. I can't believed that I suffered too much because those kids were just mean and I had no choice. My family guided me but sometimes it's not enough because I had wished it will stop. I had wished nobody treat me the way those kids treated me.

Well, honestly I don't think about it too much but I told you I get so affected when I heard a lot of bad news. If racism before was all about the skin color, now it's more of the gender preferences. Especially here in the Philippines -- most people don't fully accepted those on the third sex. But the sad thing is -- to be able for other people to show they hated those on the third sex, they take away their lives. It's really heart breaking because it's not right to be judgmental but it's so wrong to kill. I don't know what can I do but I am really hoping things will gonna get better somehow. Our world is not a safer place to live now but we only have one planet. So, again -- what can we do? 

We are all human being and being a human means we could be vulnerable in anything. So, please act as a human -- be normal and be the person you wanna be but if you wanna be bad just go back to being normal.

Stay safe and stay strong everybody! 

And now, I'm gonna leave you these Guinea Pig and rabbit (the picture was taken last Christmas when we visit Ark Avilon Zoo near Las Farolas). It's cute to see that even different animals can get along with each other.  So it only means we can do so much better than that because we are human.

Liz is here saying,  "God bless everyone" and hug a loved one!

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