Sunday, October 5, 2014

Food Nation, "Bicol's Favorite"

As the continuation of my Bicol trip,  I wanna show you some of the delicacies and traditional food that you'll gonna find in the Philippines especially in the Bicol region (the region V).

Pili nuts or nutshell.

When you heard pili nuts in the Philippines, the first thing you'll gonna think of is Bicol. It's their famous product because they are the pioneer in creating different sweet treats made from Pili nuts. And every time you visit the province it's already traditional to buy some (as pasalubong) and bring it to your loved one in Manila or anywhere in the world. For me, Pili nuts is the almonds in Philippines. 

Aside from Pili nuts, here are some traditional food that you can find in Bicol or probably in the whole country.

First, Pancit bato(stone)! It's not that different from other kind of pancit although,  it's really heavy (it was like super solid and heavy if you're not yet cooking it). Maybe its the reason why they called it pancit bato--bato means stone. But when I ordered one, I thought its delicious and really good. And I can see the Chinese influenced on this particular dish which is fine. 

Second,  Dinuguan (Bloody stew). This dish is actually made from pork blood, intestines and slices of pork itself. If you are foreign and not familiar with this dish you better not order it. It doesn't taste bad but some people don't like it especially if you are Muslim, Iglesia or you just don't like bloody stuff in food. Dinuguan really good pairing with puto (bread-like made from sticky rice).

Third stop, Pork paksiw (pork stew). It's kinda similar to adobo but a bit sour and really tasty. Many people love to pair it with rice and for sure you'll gonna eat a lot. Yummy!

And last stop, the all time favorite breakfast in the Philippines (maybe just for me)--Egg, tapa and rice with coffee on the side. Yummy 2x!

This dish is officially weird, for those foreigners who already tasted it. We called it beef paksiw, it's like a stew but only they used the intestines of the beef.



Some people called it weird and I agreed but I love it. Not only because I'm cheap but also I don't like wasting food.  And using every part of the meat is really a good thing for me!

Shanghai rolls.

Well, Shanghai rolls was actually again a Chinese influenced. And we Filipino embraced it and make it as our own. 

Mostly, what inside of the rolls are ground beef and some veggies like sliced carrots, sliced potatoes,  slices of onion leaves, onion, garlic and mixed it with soy sauce or any seasonings.

Since you can't eat much in beef paksiw, we also ordered fried buttered chicken and yes it was not traditional. But it's super delicious! Crispy on the outside and soft and tasty in the inside.

And before I finish my plate, finally the desserts came in.

Halo-halo! Yehey!

Definitely a traditional dessert that love by many in the Philippines. Super cold and sweet, really refreshing for a hot summer day. It was perfect because I just came from a whole day nothing but hot and tiring adventure. And then I've tasted simple but authentic and delicious food.

It's a wrapped and truly #PicturePerfect.

Folks,  thanks for stopping by and see you later! 

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  1. I was researching the different food you can find in Bicol and it brought me to your blog. I think you forget laing and Bicol express. But pili nut is number 1.