Monday, October 27, 2014

Goodbye George and Spike, I will see you again!

I received a bad news this morning when I woke up. My nephew said that my sister and her hubby already decided to release the 2 dogs in the house -- George and Spike (two golden retriever). It's really sad but I can't blame anybody because those dogs become really noisy and little crazy the whole week. Actually, the main reason of it was Hachico, they were fighting over her. They've probably on the road now going to my parents house while I'm writing this (My sister, Mark, George and Spike)...

We often say, dogs don't really think or they're not thinking because they are animals or maybe they don't have feelings. But the truth is they have feelings too! Although,  their understanding is so little and that's make them hard to deal with sometimes. 

Honestly,  I miss them already because we've been through a lot. When George still young he almost died because of sickness. And I don't like Spike at first because of his bad attitude then recently he bit my foot but I forgave him. I love those 2 dogs and hopefully their gonna be okay.



We still have five more dogs and puppy so it means the happy and messy life continue. Also the #PicturePerfect moments.

See you next time folks, have a great day everyone!



  1. That's really sad to hear but you will going to see them if you visit your parents. You know dog can sometimes go through that kind of frustration.

  2. Believe me I experienced that before when I have 3 dogs. That's why, I decided to have 1 dog. Sometimes they also want attention too!

  3. Rachel Rose from Manila CityWednesday, October 29, 2014 12:09:00 AM

    So sad ! Your dogs are both looking nice. Their breed is golden retriever right? I think they're both good too in guarding the house. I also have that kind of dog and a dushund. Two best friends named Melanie and Martha. Don't give up on your dog and tell to your sister sometimes dog can be territorial and claiming ownership into something. Maybe that's the reason why they are fighting over a female dog.

  4. My gosh! Kawawa naman sana maging okay na sila. Mukahang marhay pa naman ang ido.