Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Harry "The Prince Dog"

I already have a long week and been experiencing a lot. From the aching of my lower back to missing my baby but good thing I already received something I've been waiting for (the birth certificate)--it's pretty much stressful but we don't wanna feel bored right? So,  I'm gonna give you cuteness and #PicturePerfect

Since Harry is one of the cutest of all the dogs we have (but all of them are actually cute, okay?),  I'm gonna show you some random pictures taken from different places. Surely,  Harry will gonna give you puppy-love (literally). 

You ready?

Here we go!...

This was Harry when 2 months old.

We brought him with us when we went to a hill in my hometown last April.

We got a chance to see beautiful nature and bonded with each other with Harry.

Lots of selfies and Harry was looking sleepy.

But I know he loves seeing the place too.

He obviously enjoyed sitting on that rock.

As if it's his bed that he always wanted.

You see how happy he was?

Priceless moment!

He never left the rock the entire visit and he just changed his position when he got tired.

 And at home...

He even loves guarding the dog treats.

He's a little bossy, sometimes!

But he is so kind and sweet little one.

And super cute, too! Look at those eyes!

For sure, you'll gonna say--Aww!

Anyway, he don't like his cage. Because he wants to be everywhere around the house or just in a corner.

But he loves most is when we treat him like a baby.  

That's my hairy Harry!... The End!

Liz is here saying,  have a great day everyone and hug a loved one and a puppy! See you later!


  1. He is so cute. Harry, be a good boy. I also have a dog named Miss Tracy. I think they're good together.

  2. Hello Harry, yung crush ko noong bata pa ako ay kapareho mo ng pangalan. Grabe cute mo!

  3. Hi Liz, cute naman ni Harry. Ano breed nya? Gusto ko din ng aso kaya lang ayaw ni mama at papa. Sana lagi ka mag-postnng madaming mga picture dito.

  4. Harry looks like loving the outside. Yun puppy kasi if always staying in the house pag nakalabas parang ayaw na bumalik ng bahay. He's cute and cuddly parang gusto ko laruin.

  5. Dogs love being able to explore the world outside and when it happens you'll see they enjoy it.

  6. He's cute when sleepy I love Harry so adorabl

  7. What a cute puppy! I named my chihuahua Chelsea, she could be best friends with Harry. One great morning indeed!

  8. My dog loves his bone and blanket. He don't like someone is touching the blanket because he is keeping the bone underneath. Quite clever! By the way,Harry is cute, my dog's name is Broddy. He's big white golden retriever.

  9. I like small dog. Harry is purrfect.

  10. Kumusta? Ang cute ni Harry, parang ang bait nya.

  11. Laisa Morales from PampangaFriday, October 24, 2014 5:09:00 AM

    Naghahanap ako ng picture ng aso at nakita ko itong si Harry. Pahiram ha, ide-design ko lang sa folder ko. Ang cute kasi nya tsaka parang and bait. Salamat!

  12. Diana from Teresa, RizalFriday, October 24, 2014 10:17:00 PM

    Ay, ang cute ni Harry! Yun sa amin puro askal pero cute din naman. Ilan months na sya ngayon? Parang bata pa sya o maliit lang talaga?

  13. The pictures of Harry are all cute and he's happy. Good job in taking care of him.

  14. Ay giatay! Ka gwapo gyud ni Harry.