Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm A Country Girl

Today was quite busy -- I went to the NSO office and requested a birth certificate (of my dad not mine and I need to go back there with him next month), I ate alone in a fast food and it felt alone and then fixed my papers because it had been all over the place and super messy. And now revising my article. Anyway because I've been tired (well, a bit) I wanna tell you something that I've been hiding (not really) and I wanna spill the bean...

I'm a self - claimer country girl living in the country called Philippines.  Technically,  Philippines is a country and also a nation. When I was a kid I thought the term country is another word for nation and that is correct in the Philippines but the term country has another meaning. Like in the USA, they use the word "country" referring to a place where you can see some full blown nature or uninhabited islands and also they called their independent states as country. Examples are sea side, mountainous place, forest,  lake view, streams and jungle, ranch and so much more. 

Philippines is also an archipelago, it means you can find lots of islands and beautiful beaches where you can have #PicturePerfect. And aside from that you can also find lots of forests, mountains, hills, rice fields and more of nature making it a certified country and archipelago. 

So, what makes me a country girl aside from living in a country?

Let me start when I was young (oh gosh! This will gonna take forever - kidding).

My Love for Country Music

I never knew why I love watching and listening to country music when I was only 5 or 6 years old before I thought it was country. The melodies, the sounds and the voices captured my attention and my love for country music. It felt like it was calling me to go to a new world that will bring happiness and love and joy and paradise full of flowers and nature. It simply like cupid strike an arrow to my heart (before I knew what I know now).

From Randy Travis songs (which happened to have a cold country voice...

To the beautiful Faith Hill,  the country singer that I can remember whenever I think about Pearl Harbor. 

And the beautiful and truly amazing Shania Twain, my all time favorite queen of country music.

These singers are just some of the people who inspired me and make me believed in a country music. Their music lives on and will always be remembered. They are the pioneers and the originals.

I can't say enough how good they are but I know lots of people inspired by them. And lots of people love them and I'm one of those.

Next time I'm gonna continue my list of why I'm a country girl! Have a great day folks and hiya!

 Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest and share your country love with others! 


  1. My favorite is RnB but country music is really nice too!

  2. I love Country Music too. My favorites are Tim McGraw, Luke Brian, Blake Shelton, and Toby Keith. Oh and lastly Keith Urban.