Monday, October 13, 2014

Last drop of summer (nah)!

It's been a month since Angela's swimming lessons have ended and yet I'm still thinking about the happenings and the swimming pool itself. I am so fascinated with this amazing environment and inviting atmosphere that these kids have enjoyed. Honestly, I also enjoyed the place because I took many selfies and many pictures that I wanna show you some of it.

Sad to say that Angela didn't get to learn how to swim but I know she had a great time and #PicturePerfect moments with her classmates. Me and my sister actually thought that every time she'd been attending the swimming it was only for swimsuit competition and not for swimming competition. Well, there was no competition but when you look at them sitting on the side of the pool you'll gonna notice as if they are really in a competition. You know it's like the beauty pageant way (kinda like that).

Anyway, the following are the photos I took on the final day of Angela's swimming lesson. 


The swimming pool...

Pool side with tropical plants.

These plants really gave so much beauty in this place, especially with  yellow orchids ---gorgeous!

Look very closely.

Even that little creature seems like enjoying the flower.

Oh, caterpillar! Been busy huh!

This big tree gave  shadow to me and to other moms or aunties who's watching their kids swimming. Especially,  there were so many hot and sunny days.  And I also noticed that pink flower which happened to be my favorite. I was actually thinking when I saw it, "Oh my gosh! I need to capture that pink flower but I can't bring it home...hmmm! Where's my phone or tablet?."

And then I have it now on my social media or picture album. Super love it!

And here again the yellow orchid, so inviting and so attractive.  For sure, if you're the kind of person that love gardening you will surely gonna love what you are seeing right now. Inspiring natural beauty that attracts any bee.

A scenic  beauty combining nature and man made.

Maybe you're thinking you wanna swim right now, because I do even if I can't swim but I love dipping.

I love being one with nature.

I love taking pictures.

I love beautiful surroundings.

I love magnificent view.

I love pristine beauty.

And I love sharing it with you!

You know I've been in a botanical garden before and I can tell that this place has  similarities to it. Because you will see the whole surrounding have so many different kinds of plants and flowers. Which make it more interesting and beautiful.

What a cute formation of rock, shells and plants. The idea will surely coming from a passionate and creative person or people. I salute them for being an inspiration for others and creating a wonderful scenario. Good job!

And you will see these flowers and plants just before you enter and leave the place.

Again, I am thinking if this place is not the school swimming pool, I'm gonna be glad to have it my future home---hopefully!

And thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others".

It's gonna be a bit cold here in the Philippines because Christmas is approaching. But I know in the other parts of the world it's gonna be snowy and super cold. So, lets start wearing our jackets and hug a loved one this Christmas season.

Share the love and blessing folks! Have a great day! :)


  1. Been reading your blog. Mostly, I love the picture you posted. Keep it up!

  2. Hi there, I'm a Filipina here in States and I like it that you posted photos truly made in the Philippines. I miss home so much,!

  3. Hi there,Melissa is my friend and she told me about your blog. We are actually going to make our own blog about fashion. Although, writing about random stuff like you do is also good.

  4. Meron kami swimming dati dun sa luma naming house at kamuka nyan. Now, wala na so I wish to have swimming pool agen.

  5. Still summer in Philippines. I mean always summer, mostly.