Tuesday, October 7, 2014

School. Activity. And Birthday Again.

I'm not yet a mother but I know deep down inside of me, I'm gonna be happy when it's gonna happen--in time. But it doesn't mean I can't give you a daily dose of cuteness or even once in awhile of cuteness-- lol.

Anyway,  I want you to meet my niece Angela and my nephew Arnel. They are the children of my oldest sister Nhing. By the way, I also have lots of other nieces and nephews from my other sisters and brothers.  If I'm going to count them all I think they're already twelve.

Yes, quite a big family!

This was the picture I've taken after one week of Angela's first day of school last June. 

#PicturePerfect huh?

And then "Buwan ng Wika" came in last August. Buwan ng wika was all about celebrating the Filipino culture,  from dress to food to native language and more.

And don't you think Maan was cute wearing filipiniana costume? 

I mean Angela...lol!

This one was the "dress up your career" activity. I think it was September.  She dressed up like a doctor since she also want to be a doctor someday. And to become a chef or singer or artist and Miss Universe...and so much more. You know what's cute about her? She wants so many things when she grow up and do so many things too. And I love it because kids these days need to  be driven so that they can reach their dreams someday.

And here's Mark Arnel, my oldest nephew! 

He's not a fan of picture taking but he  had no choice because his mom took this pic of him on his field trip in Laguna last September just before his birthday. They went to many places and I know they had fun. 

I've been with my niece and nephew when they were born and I've been seeing them grow up as a God-fearing person and a role model to other kids. I know they study hard and do their best in everything and I'm always proud of them. And I wish them nothing but a great future ahead of them and safety anywhere they go. God bless these kids!

And that's about it folks, have a great day!

Liz is here saying,  "happy Ber-months" and take a #selfie...

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