Saturday, October 11, 2014

Something Wrapped, "Lumpia and Turon"

After some bad days, here I am craving for something wrapped and it should be sweet or sour. Well, my day today so far is good but since I can't find anything to do I feel like I wanna eat --couch potato style.

Anyway, 2 days ago I had this very serious problem. 

Oh wait! I feel like I don't wanna tell you about it because I only want #PicturePerfect here.


But since someone told me to be more open or at least share something that other people could might relate into so, I will gonna tell you now. I got biten by my own dog. I know it's really embarrassing but I'm fine and still happy. Because there are people who always shows they really care about me -- especially, Tommy.

So, what we have here that I'm actually really craving for? 

Tan tana nan!

Introducing,  "Lumpia" and "Turon".

Lumpia is composed of sliced and shredded veggies like carrots,  potatoes, beans, onions, garlic and some people even add cabbage or any vegetables.  Also, some ground beef or any slices of meat,   seasoned and cook together. Right after that you can wrap it in any kind of dough wrapper then fry it to golden brown. You can serve it with vinegar sauce or anything you like. For sure, it's gonna be delicious and healthy.

This one is another sweet treats that for sure you'll gonna enjoy.

Turon is made up of ripe banana (small kind of banana). Cooked and fried with sugar wrapped in any kind of dough wrapper. It's crispy and sweet on the outside and softly sweet in the inside. 

Honestly,  its one of my favorite sweet treats for "meryenda" or snack time. I've been missing it actually and actually I need to go now... lol, that's a lot of actually! Whew!

Anyway, folks -- I  wish you a great day and happiness!

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others". So, it only means take a #selfie.  :)

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