Thursday, November 27, 2014

I told you (this one is for my love)

The moment is here to share to you another lyrical poem but more of song verse and a little injection of poem. It's been too long since the last time I shared one and this one is gonna be different and romantic at the same time. I wanna dedicate this to my loving and supportive fiance Tommy.

These past two days I was out to my parents house and I visited them and brought some dog food for the doggie -- Spike, George and Perez! And right now, I am just giving myself a time to rest and watch some shows on TV besides I can't barely move. I'll tell you more about my trip next time with some photos. But for now enjoy my lyrical poem and the sketch of me and my love thru "sketch guru"! 

I told you

I am glad I have you
And I'm loving it everyday
We stay as we are
Though everything changes
We know time will tell
You and I will be together
So hold on my dear
'Cause faith will lead us there

Leave everything
Our night is here
Just close your eyes
And kiss my lips
Just hold me tight

You know I really love you
And I always be true
To someone really amazing
And that is you,

Now that I told you
What my heart wanna say
Now that I told you
What more can I say?

Just tell me you'll stay
'Cause hearing it
Like music to my ear

The best in life is you
And loving you in every way
We stay as we are
Though everything changes
We know time will tell
You and I will be forever
Don't hold back dear
'Cause faith will lead us there

Give all you got
Don't ever stop
Just close your eyes
And touch my hands
You touch my soul

You know I really love you
And I always be true
To someone really amazing
And that is you, 

Now that I told you
What you wanna hear
Now that I told you
That I am yours forever

Tell me you will be there
'Cause hearing it
Like music to my ear

You are proving your love every single day
You taking care of my heart
And no matter what you do
I'm always with you
'Cause that's the way I love you...

Now that I told you
That I always be loving you
Tell me if we're feeling the same
You know our love is not a game
'Cause our love is not a game


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Glimpse of Christmas

The month of December is coming and Christmas is really in the air. It only means no matter what happened bad or good, we should still be happy and excited for Jesus birth is coming. And in preparation of Christmas, here I show you the new Christmas tree that we have in the living room. Gold Christmas tree ( it's the new one because we have white tree last year) and red Christmas decor (old one from last year or the past 5 years).

The year 2014 has been good to me and to my family. There are lots of things I have to be thankful for...

There's always a brighter day after every storm, just like what they say when someone is feeling down. And why am I being emotional? Well, you see I've been missing someone in my life - maybe not one but many. My loved one, my family members that I'm not seeing for a while and the 3 dogs. Huh! What a life! You get to be happy, you get to be sad but that's just how life work. It always surprise you in a most unexpected ways. But it's always fine, right? 
Because we always learn from our experiences.

So, by saying that I'm gonna leave with lots of love and hope in life. Hey, I'm not only excited with Christmas but also with New Year because it means new life, new experiences and lots of new.

Next time, I'm hoping I can share to you some food that I'm practicing to cook and poem that I'm dedicating to my fiancé.

Liz is here saying, "Happy Thanksgiving"...and more updates will coming!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodbye Perez ( I will see you again)

This day has been a sad one because I need to say goodbye again to one of our dog here--Perez.

I thought everything will gonna be okay today but no, there's always a bad thing happening. I don't wanna be negative and bitter because it's not a good thing. It's just that there are some things that we hope we can do about.

I left this afternoon to pick up Angela from school, she's my niece then when we came back home there was something happened!  Harry and Perez had a fight and my sister got bitten by Perez on her leg. She was trying to stop the two and ... I feel like it's my fault because I want the dogs to be friends with  each other. And I put Harry near Perez and I didn't put Harry back on his spot before I left. And then when I came back home with Angela, things can't never be changed!

By the way, my younger brother was here and he bring Perez to my mom's house. I know he'll gonna be okay there but it's really sad!

 That's me holding Perez when we went to the barangay hall for dog rabies prevention month (there were lots of dogs that also took their injection that day). I need  to hold him because he was so overwhelmed with the other dogs. He didn't get used in playing with other dogs because they always stay inside the house.

  This one was taken inside the house (Gosh! I wanna cry while writing) it's just really sad!

And this one was taken in the kitchen, he loves waiting for the food to cook and he always want some. 

You know I just learned something,  we can never be ready in taking care of  any individual or pets. That's why,  if we don't have guts to devote ourselves in so many responsibilities we better think twice before making a decision. 

We always try to show them we love them and maybe they are just too many. And it's hard to give them enough attention. What's good about dogs when they were little?--they're cute. But when they gets older and bigger  they get strong and it's gonna be hard to discipline them. Or better it's hard to give them what they need and we're lacking of time to spend with them. 

Honestly,  I don't wanna go back to this moments again that I'm going to love a dog then I need to say goodbye.  I already had enough of bad memories about dog. When I was a kid, I had this dog named Kiko and he was poisoned by some bad neighbors. He didn't eat for so long and become stiff almost didn't move on his spot while his mouth had so many bubbles.  But before the day he died,  he tried his best to come inside the house and he walked towards me and then he fell down. I called him, "Kiko, Kiko" but he just look at me and I started to see some thick leaving his body. I knew from that moment he's dead. I was shouting and crying calling my brother and sister. I told them Kiko is dead and we buried his body in the backyard.  I was too young back then but I never forget about it. I love the dog and I always remember him. He have the same color with Perez, that's why he's really my favorite.  But for the second time my heart is broken again because I feel like I lost someone dear to me. I'm just hoping this thing will not gonna happen again.

God bless everybody!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I am changing my name

I started this blog last year because I am always fascinated with so many things and I wanna say a lot about it. It's my way of sharing things in my life and hoping there are some people who get inspired or at least can relate to me. But above it all I am blogging so I can restore some important information about my life and I can go back to it whenever I feel I'm missing something and as such. 

In blogging,  I can take lots of pictures and share it because it inspired me and I'm not gonna stop right here. I am dreaming to be a good photographer and really see myself improving. By means of good photographer,  I want to see some drastic changes in my photos as if it was taken by professional. There should be more of creativity,  polish,  good editing and lots of passion--that's why I keep saying #PicturePerfect. I have so many things in mind of what I wanna do in my life but for now I'm enjoying what makes me happy. 

And speaking of #PicturePerfect, the name of my blog before was "Liz Picture Perfect". The reason of it is because I love so many great things, beautiful things or anything captivating that signifies picture perfect moments and memories. But recently, I was thinking to change it and my domain will gonna be

My first name and design was this...

I showcased some of my photos in this particular collage as a banner and the title sign for my blog before I changed it. You can see colours, scenery, breath-taking views, cute pets and injection of appetite at the same time.

And from that it became like this...

 I made it more simple and emphasizing the title and the tag line. "Liz Picture Perfect" moments and memories--that's the title and the tagline, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others"!

Although,  even if I'm gonna change the title to this...

I will not fully change everything because my blog will always be all about living life to the fullest and picture perfect moments. And definitely there are lots of happenings that I wouldn't miss for the world to see.

By the way, the name "Apple of the Eye" came from the apple--literally, because when I realized that I really wanna change the name of my blog I was thinking and thinking but can't think of anything.  Until I feel hungry and saw the apple on the table. Then I remembered,  the tagline, "You're the apple of my eye". And I said to myself, it's really perfect because when we are fascinated and very much in love to a person or someone it only means that the person is the apple of our eye, right? Or even in anything, if we love something it means it caught our attention making it the apple of our eyes, it could be forever or for the moment.

So, I hope it make sense why "apple of the eye."

Liz is here saying,  embracing changes is good because it could be an eye opening to something amazing folks!

P. S.

The article I made when I celebrates my 100 articles have change already but just in case you wanna see the set up before of my blog here's the info and read my past article.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Morning sunshine can bring peace of mind

There are times that I feel alone~literally, but whenever I have these alone moments I use it as a great chance to see myself as me and search my thoughts and imagination and even my spiritual being. As an individual,  I think it's important that we are having this alone time to give assessment for ourselves. It can give us strength knowing we are alone but still we can manage ourselves and do the things we need to do. Do you know why some people ''retreats'' or ''retreating''? Just like whenever a person feels suffocated by his or her environment because of problems, dealing with hard people, and confused with so many things~~retreating is the answer. Leaving the heavy weights of the world and really focusing or concentrating on your self. It's more like rebuilding your foundations and healing the broken pieces.  I know it could happen to most people, those who have families and receiving an enormous supports are lucky. But not everyone can receive that kind of support or maybe not everyone wants some help either.  

So here, I have some photos of morning sunshine that I love to share with everybody.  For me, it's like a captivating treasure because these photos can bring back memories of my childhood days. Every morning when I wake up I see greatness,  I see hope, I see amazing moments. And hopefully,  you can see yours everyday...

Please enjoy my photos of a great morning!

I've taken these photos 3 to 4 months ago from the backyard of my parents house.  It seems like it's only yesterday and it never gets old. 

When I'm having my alone time I picture this in my mind and I instantly feel relax and so much thankful of everything I am now. I remembered that my fiancé Tommy told me, sometimes it's good to think about the hardship in the past to know where you're going and I agreed. I know reminiscing some bad times and good times and having a right mindset to what you wanna do or wanna be can bring an awesome result in every goals we want to pursue--that's living life to the fullest and embracing greatness.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pancake with ham and cheese

Today is my sister's birthday and they are celebrating somewhere and I left at home taking care of the dogs and eating anything (burf burf). It's actually my choice not to come with them because I slept late last night and I know I'm going to have headache and probably I'm going to need some sleep. And yes, as I said I'm taking care of the dogs ( Hachico, Perrys, Harry, Candice and Stacey) I already feed them and checking them from time to time if they are fighting or barking  in front of the door.

I'd been busy these past few days and after that I posted the desserts I'm craving for when I'm so tired. I slept on my parents house and prepared my requirements to change my birth certificate and the process is starting now.  Oh and yea me and my sister talked--that on her birthday I'm gonna be here, that's why I'm here to check everything while they are gone. So, they don't need to worry about anything and they just enjoy and have fun.

I think yesterday or the other day, me and my sister ate breakfast together while her hubby and the kids are busy in work and school. I woke up and she's already frying a pancake. You know every time we have this bonding moment mostly with food or sometimes with make up.

 So, she prepared a big pancake with ham and cheese for a change. Usually, we put chocolate syrup with melted cheese or something sweets. But we want something different it's like out of the box. It turned out good and #PicturePerfect and I don't need to eat lunch right after I ate pancake.

After this sliced,  I get another one but because it's just so good I forgot to take another picture. It just refreshing--ham and cheese in the middle of pancake ( loved it). I also like ham and cheese mixed in the pancake. Yum!

On that note, I will leave you with that and have a great day folks....

Liz is here saying,  nom nom nom and yum yum yum! Together--it's perfect!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Splendid Desserts

It's always good to be back home and eat and share some good food. Yesterday has been a long day for me, I was at my parents house. We all been so busy doing stuff for me about my papers and finally the process of changing my birth certificate and fixing the error is starting--soon I'm gonna be able to have my passport. But for now, I wanna share some great dessert that I'm craving for when I'm so tired like right now. I had a great sleep and rest but sometimes even you do that you still feel tired. Right? I'm sure some people might experienced it too. So, the cure for that is great food and sweetness together.

These could be the most insane desserts ever!

Fresh ingredients, sultry sweet and fabulous looks that's really tempting and inviting.  Since Christmas is coming, why not try the following?

 Strawberries,  avocados, ice cream with condensed milk together. Super creamy and fresh but the sweetness is just right--it's like party in your mouth. When I was a kid I used to dream about strawberries.  I saw it on TV but never tried it because you can only find it in a mall and we were living in a small town far from the city where you can find lots of malls and big super market. But there's a big changes now, it's like wherever you go you can find malls even in unexpected places and of course you can also find strawberry and other fruits from a cold country.

 Banana and vanilla ice cream are just fabulous together.  Probably the best dessert and truly delicious! Although,  when I ate it one night I got sick so I better be careful next time.

 Fruit salad is definitely the healthiest sweets that everybody could enjoy. This is my favorite especially when my sister and my mom make this every holiday or when there's an occasion like birthdays.

Macaroni salad is just making me feel so good! Again this is my favorite, okay everything I put here is my favorite to make it fair.  You know when I talked to my fiancé the last last time I told him I want him to taste this one. He's not familiar with macaroni salad--only he know is mac and cheese. So I think it's gonna be interesting and fun.

So, guys I will leave you with that and have a great day!

Liz is here saying,  eat right and eat good but first take a pic and make a #selfie of your #PicturePerfect moment.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Adventure in Archipelago

It's been cold these past few weeks and surely the weather is changing. For others it's fall season (autumn) already and in the Philippines we called it Christmas season. I know it's November but technically we started it last September (we called it the ~Ber months). Everybody get excited when September came because it's the start of Christmas season (and so do I). Anyway,  November is also my sister's birthday and I'm looking forward to the happenings and celebration.  And hopefully after that we can set up the Christmas tree and decorate the house with Christmas lights, lantern,  garland and more just like what we've been doing for many years now.

But before that things to happen I wanna summarize and pick my favorite summer places. I'm not a full time traveler but I've traveled enough and seen so many beautiful places around the Philippines that I wanna share all over again. It's so rare if I'm posting pictures of myself here but I would love to show you some because I want it to be more personal this time (since I already showed you my engagement moment).

This is my second year blogging about anything in my life and sharing my thoughts. So, I think it's about time to show you my #PicturePerfect memories.

When I was in college we went to Baguio and La Trinidad, Benguet (it was a field trip). Then last last year,  my family went to Baguio and spent holy week without me. (Payback time for me because I had a work by that

Then me and the family went to Laguna many times. We just loved the hot spring in that place, they even put waves to make it more natural looking (amazing).

Batangas was actually one of my favorite place because they have a lot of beautiful beaches and the famous "Taal Volcano". I love Matabungkay beach personally because I saw a starfish for the first time in front of me(I've seen something on tv too), I even held it in my hands (precious moment).

And then Tagaytay, we visited Picnic Grove and some restaurants few times already and we always make it simple and short. It's like in one day we can go there and go back just before the night wrapped up. I love the place because it's cold there and lots of trees that makes the air so fresh.

But my best pick summer destinations that's makes my heart super warm literally are...

#PicturePerfect Palawan:

Underground River in Palawan, one of the "7 Wonders of Nature"

I love the Emerald Beach also in Palawan, it's a simple place with relaxing atmosphere. The water is so clear and rich in different kinds of seafoods.

Breath-taking Bicol:

This is the Mangcamagong beach located in Camarines Norte in Bicol. One of the simple with the pristine water and tourist free beaches in the Philippines. 

 Most natives here used this beautiful beach for fishing. And I've never seen a single tourist except myself.  I bet this hidden gem needs to be discover and explore because I know lots of people will gonna love it here.

Honestly,  I enjoyed taking selfies with this kind of background,  who would not?

Hot Subic:

This picture was taken many years ago back in my college days(#throwback). This was actually my first time to attend a school field trip and first time I tried to swim by myself in the water. And realized I can't swim (yes,  I almost drowned myself because I forgot to stand up--silly me). But it was still one of my favorite summer memory.

It was Summer in San Juan:

This is my top pick of best summer destination / summer moments and memories.

Me and family together with Tom went to a swimming pool here in San Juan (sorry can't tell you exactly where). It didn't required famous beach resort or prestigious hotel and first class accommodation.
But it became my first favorite because of the amazing memories I still treasure.  You know those priceless moments because you're with someone you loved. Sometimes it's not always where you are but it's who's with you and that's making you happy because that's exactly what makes me happy.

So, I'm gonna leave you with that and have a great Christmas season to all of you!

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest and embrace adventure that you can share with others".

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Faux Fur

Sweater jacket with faux fur collar

Breezy daylight,  cold night, wind blowing front and back, shaking body, chilly feet and hands, cold breathe this season can have--truly Christmas is in the air!

So, it means it's time to wear a jacket sweater or anything thick that can give you comfort and cozy. This fall you can find lots of trendy and colorful designs from jacket, sweater, hood, scarf and vest that can make you look fashionable and comfy at the same time.

My sweater jacket with faux fur collar is truly versatile.  You can use it with t-shirt of different color underneath but I suggest you use darker color (from black to brown to blue to purple) it will stand out. Then you can fair it with skinny jeans or any kind of pants. When it comes to foot wear I recommend boots or any shoes with high heels. Because it's cold weather it means no showing of feet but you can stay look chic.

Liz is here saying, stay comfy and trendy this Christmas season then take a #selfie for your #PicturePerfect moment. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm a Country Girl at Heart

Greetings everyone and belated Happy Halloween!  I had an awesome and busy weekend in connection of holidays. We went to my parents house in my hometown for a get together and to reminisce our loved ones who past away. We had an amazing time as I talked to my fiancé Tommy,  finally my dad and my fiancé have seen each other even only in webcam. It was one of the best day of my life. And also we visited the two dogs -- Spike and George. It rained so hard that day that I got almost wet because I didn't leave the two dogs sitting on a small pahingahan (composed of wooden bed and sacks roof) outside the house.

And after that short visit to my parents house, I got busy with cleaning here inside the house and updating my social media. You see I have instagram now and been busy putting old photos and new ones. And of course,  I also signed up for bloglovin...
 ( <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>  )

... because I love blogging. I love sharing things in my life like photos that I know my #PicturePerfect moments.

Last time I shared my thoughts about why I'm a country girl -- the reasons are my love for country music and I literally live in a country. But I don't wear country boots or country hats  (love to try it though). 

And the ultimate reason is my fiancé,  my love, my baby is a country guy. Although,  he didn't wear country hats and boots too, but our hearts belongs to loving the nature (and family and friends). We both love our roots where we came from... He's the country guy and I'm the country girl!

Now, I'm gonna show you some photos that inspired me in becoming a nature lover ( aside from Tommy's lover ).

 You can see this photo in my past article,  when I welcomed you to my beautiful world. This view will always mesmerizing and welcoming.  That sandor tree has been there for a long time. It already gave fruit the last season and still giving a beautiful view that everybody get to enjoy.

The photos of seaside and the rice field can be viewed on my past article,  breath-taking Bicol. I always love these view and I always love sharing it with you. These are the perfect examples of country side. Very nature and very heart warming scenario.  Many people would love to spend time to beautiful places like these just to take a break from the very busy city and tons of paper work or very high standard boss if you're working in a competitive company.

The following photos that I'm going to share to you was photographed by Tommy:

This is where he grew up as a loving man, responsible person, very respectful individual,  super sweet fiance, and a concerned father (a concerned brother, son, friend, neighbor, and co-worker). 

 He called it the woods...

It's one of the beautiful picture of nature I've ever seen.  Me and my sister thought it looks like the one in the movie. I don't know which one but sometimes you watched a movie and the location is just exactly like this -- the woods.  

You know when you feel you wanna breathe some fresh air and just be one with nature? Walk. Run. And climb on those trees even if you know it's gonna be hard but you still wanna try. You're like a kid having fun and you don't care about time.

 Or you wanna swim even if the water is so cold in the lake (my baby told me this is their lake). The water is so pristine and you can even see the bottom and if there are fish for sure you'll see them swimming and keep swimming!

Tom told me they walked through the water using the big rocks to get to the other side but they slid and got wet. I've seen to his face he had fun. And I'm just glad he spent quality time with his family and friends. They'd been planning to go there and finally they got the chance to visit his dad's property last week or maybe last last week (can't remember). I bet they all missed the place especially his dad -- they sat on the rock, they ate while watching the lake and the stream and they have this small beach with the sand where they sat and talked. I wish I can show you the pictures but I respect their privacy so I just told you about it and don't tell anyone!

This is the stream...

Can you see the bottom? The water is so clear and those rocks are magnificent. I can remembered the small stream in my parents house when I'm looking at this... I love it! I love it that nature is always beautiful and it never disappoint me to think and to have #PicturePerfect.

And above it all, I'm glad having someone who have the same interest and happiness in life as me. My love Tommy, he's amazing and my one of a kind country love.

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest and share your country love with others! "