Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Glimpse of Christmas

The month of December is coming and Christmas is really in the air. It only means no matter what happened bad or good, we should still be happy and excited for Jesus birth is coming. And in preparation of Christmas, here I show you the new Christmas tree that we have in the living room. Gold Christmas tree ( it's the new one because we have white tree last year) and red Christmas decor (old one from last year or the past 5 years).

The year 2014 has been good to me and to my family. There are lots of things I have to be thankful for...

There's always a brighter day after every storm, just like what they say when someone is feeling down. And why am I being emotional? Well, you see I've been missing someone in my life - maybe not one but many. My loved one, my family members that I'm not seeing for a while and the 3 dogs. Huh! What a life! You get to be happy, you get to be sad but that's just how life work. It always surprise you in a most unexpected ways. But it's always fine, right? 
Because we always learn from our experiences.

So, by saying that I'm gonna leave with lots of love and hope in life. Hey, I'm not only excited with Christmas but also with New Year because it means new life, new experiences and lots of new.

Next time, I'm hoping I can share to you some food that I'm practicing to cook and poem that I'm dedicating to my fiancé.

Liz is here saying, "Happy Thanksgiving"...and more updates will coming!


  1. Beautiful Christmas tree nice

  2. Ganda ng xmas tree, Merry xmas ate in advance

  3. Ay ganda ng Christmas tree, Merry Christmas in advance!

  4. Beautiful xmas tree