Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodbye Perez ( I will see you again)

This day has been a sad one because I need to say goodbye again to one of our dog here--Perez.

I thought everything will gonna be okay today but no, there's always a bad thing happening. I don't wanna be negative and bitter because it's not a good thing. It's just that there are some things that we hope we can do about.

I left this afternoon to pick up Angela from school, she's my niece then when we came back home there was something happened!  Harry and Perez had a fight and my sister got bitten by Perez on her leg. She was trying to stop the two and ... I feel like it's my fault because I want the dogs to be friends with  each other. And I put Harry near Perez and I didn't put Harry back on his spot before I left. And then when I came back home with Angela, things can't never be changed!

By the way, my younger brother was here and he bring Perez to my mom's house. I know he'll gonna be okay there but it's really sad!

 That's me holding Perez when we went to the barangay hall for dog rabies prevention month (there were lots of dogs that also took their injection that day). I need  to hold him because he was so overwhelmed with the other dogs. He didn't get used in playing with other dogs because they always stay inside the house.

  This one was taken inside the house (Gosh! I wanna cry while writing) it's just really sad!

And this one was taken in the kitchen, he loves waiting for the food to cook and he always want some. 

You know I just learned something,  we can never be ready in taking care of  any individual or pets. That's why,  if we don't have guts to devote ourselves in so many responsibilities we better think twice before making a decision. 

We always try to show them we love them and maybe they are just too many. And it's hard to give them enough attention. What's good about dogs when they were little?--they're cute. But when they gets older and bigger  they get strong and it's gonna be hard to discipline them. Or better it's hard to give them what they need and we're lacking of time to spend with them. 

Honestly,  I don't wanna go back to this moments again that I'm going to love a dog then I need to say goodbye.  I already had enough of bad memories about dog. When I was a kid, I had this dog named Kiko and he was poisoned by some bad neighbors. He didn't eat for so long and become stiff almost didn't move on his spot while his mouth had so many bubbles.  But before the day he died,  he tried his best to come inside the house and he walked towards me and then he fell down. I called him, "Kiko, Kiko" but he just look at me and I started to see some thick leaving his body. I knew from that moment he's dead. I was shouting and crying calling my brother and sister. I told them Kiko is dead and we buried his body in the backyard.  I was too young back then but I never forget about it. I love the dog and I always remember him. He have the same color with Perez, that's why he's really my favorite.  But for the second time my heart is broken again because I feel like I lost someone dear to me. I'm just hoping this thing will not gonna happen again.

God bless everybody!


  1. Liz, that's a really really sad news! You'll going to be okay and don't cry, I know it's gonna be fine!

  2. Can't believe it! You better be careful with dogs.

  3. Don't blame yourself too much and let the past to rest.

  4. Margaret from Brisbane, AustraliaMonday, November 24, 2014 7:36:00 PM

    Kinda sad but don't worry too much

  5. Super sad naman magpapasko pa naman tapos tatlong aso mo na ang malayo. Nakaka miss yun ng sobra tsaka cute sya noh? Wag malungkot ate sayang ang beauty.