Friday, November 21, 2014

I am changing my name

I started this blog last year because I am always fascinated with so many things and I wanna say a lot about it. It's my way of sharing things in my life and hoping there are some people who get inspired or at least can relate to me. But above it all I am blogging so I can restore some important information about my life and I can go back to it whenever I feel I'm missing something and as such. 

In blogging,  I can take lots of pictures and share it because it inspired me and I'm not gonna stop right here. I am dreaming to be a good photographer and really see myself improving. By means of good photographer,  I want to see some drastic changes in my photos as if it was taken by professional. There should be more of creativity,  polish,  good editing and lots of passion--that's why I keep saying #PicturePerfect. I have so many things in mind of what I wanna do in my life but for now I'm enjoying what makes me happy. 

And speaking of #PicturePerfect, the name of my blog before was "Liz Picture Perfect". The reason of it is because I love so many great things, beautiful things or anything captivating that signifies picture perfect moments and memories. But recently, I was thinking to change it and my domain will gonna be

My first name and design was this...

I showcased some of my photos in this particular collage as a banner and the title sign for my blog before I changed it. You can see colours, scenery, breath-taking views, cute pets and injection of appetite at the same time.

And from that it became like this...

 I made it more simple and emphasizing the title and the tag line. "Liz Picture Perfect" moments and memories--that's the title and the tagline, "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others"!

Although,  even if I'm gonna change the title to this...

I will not fully change everything because my blog will always be all about living life to the fullest and picture perfect moments. And definitely there are lots of happenings that I wouldn't miss for the world to see.

By the way, the name "Apple of the Eye" came from the apple--literally, because when I realized that I really wanna change the name of my blog I was thinking and thinking but can't think of anything.  Until I feel hungry and saw the apple on the table. Then I remembered,  the tagline, "You're the apple of my eye". And I said to myself, it's really perfect because when we are fascinated and very much in love to a person or someone it only means that the person is the apple of our eye, right? Or even in anything, if we love something it means it caught our attention making it the apple of our eyes, it could be forever or for the moment.

So, I hope it make sense why "apple of the eye."

Liz is here saying,  embracing changes is good because it could be an eye opening to something amazing folks!

P. S.

The article I made when I celebrates my 100 articles have change already but just in case you wanna see the set up before of my blog here's the info and read my past article.


  1. Hey Liz, why you didn't tell to your reader that you will gonna change URL? GOOD THING I FOUND you!

  2. She already posted it in her google account, that shes changing it. By the way, it looks cuter now.

  3. I just found it out too! Grabe nakakaloka!

  4. Belinda Parker from ArizonaSaturday, November 22, 2014 4:53:00 AM

    I've been looking for something to read and I saw your blog yesterday. I wake up early and think why not try to read it. You know it's ok ay to change a name of your blog but don't do that more often. It seems like you can't decide whether you stand on your ground or not. But I see most your content and thought it was good so keep it up!

  5. Samantha Mitchell from Perth, AustraliaSaturday, November 22, 2014 7:57:00 AM

    Hope you find your niche and continue writing and inspiring people. And yes, apple can bring lots of ideas.

  6. Hey Liz, I've just stumbled upon your blog. I've changed my blog's name for five times too. Because they turned out to be long or the name is already in used. But I never changed my URL. Changing name is a big risk specially if you have a steady followers.