Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm a Country Girl at Heart

Greetings everyone and belated Happy Halloween!  I had an awesome and busy weekend in connection of holidays. We went to my parents house in my hometown for a get together and to reminisce our loved ones who past away. We had an amazing time as I talked to my fiancé Tommy,  finally my dad and my fiancé have seen each other even only in webcam. It was one of the best day of my life. And also we visited the two dogs -- Spike and George. It rained so hard that day that I got almost wet because I didn't leave the two dogs sitting on a small pahingahan (composed of wooden bed and sacks roof) outside the house.

And after that short visit to my parents house, I got busy with cleaning here inside the house and updating my social media. You see I have instagram now and been busy putting old photos and new ones. And of course,  I also signed up for bloglovin...
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... because I love blogging. I love sharing things in my life like photos that I know my #PicturePerfect moments.

Last time I shared my thoughts about why I'm a country girl -- the reasons are my love for country music and I literally live in a country. But I don't wear country boots or country hats  (love to try it though). 

And the ultimate reason is my fiancé,  my love, my baby is a country guy. Although,  he didn't wear country hats and boots too, but our hearts belongs to loving the nature (and family and friends). We both love our roots where we came from... He's the country guy and I'm the country girl!

Now, I'm gonna show you some photos that inspired me in becoming a nature lover ( aside from Tommy's lover ).

 You can see this photo in my past article,  when I welcomed you to my beautiful world. This view will always mesmerizing and welcoming.  That sandor tree has been there for a long time. It already gave fruit the last season and still giving a beautiful view that everybody get to enjoy.

The photos of seaside and the rice field can be viewed on my past article,  breath-taking Bicol. I always love these view and I always love sharing it with you. These are the perfect examples of country side. Very nature and very heart warming scenario.  Many people would love to spend time to beautiful places like these just to take a break from the very busy city and tons of paper work or very high standard boss if you're working in a competitive company.

The following photos that I'm going to share to you was photographed by Tommy:

This is where he grew up as a loving man, responsible person, very respectful individual,  super sweet fiance, and a concerned father (a concerned brother, son, friend, neighbor, and co-worker). 

 He called it the woods...

It's one of the beautiful picture of nature I've ever seen.  Me and my sister thought it looks like the one in the movie. I don't know which one but sometimes you watched a movie and the location is just exactly like this -- the woods.  

You know when you feel you wanna breathe some fresh air and just be one with nature? Walk. Run. And climb on those trees even if you know it's gonna be hard but you still wanna try. You're like a kid having fun and you don't care about time.

 Or you wanna swim even if the water is so cold in the lake (my baby told me this is their lake). The water is so pristine and you can even see the bottom and if there are fish for sure you'll see them swimming and keep swimming!

Tom told me they walked through the water using the big rocks to get to the other side but they slid and got wet. I've seen to his face he had fun. And I'm just glad he spent quality time with his family and friends. They'd been planning to go there and finally they got the chance to visit his dad's property last week or maybe last last week (can't remember). I bet they all missed the place especially his dad -- they sat on the rock, they ate while watching the lake and the stream and they have this small beach with the sand where they sat and talked. I wish I can show you the pictures but I respect their privacy so I just told you about it and don't tell anyone!

This is the stream...

Can you see the bottom? The water is so clear and those rocks are magnificent. I can remembered the small stream in my parents house when I'm looking at this... I love it! I love it that nature is always beautiful and it never disappoint me to think and to have #PicturePerfect.

And above it all, I'm glad having someone who have the same interest and happiness in life as me. My love Tommy, he's amazing and my one of a kind country love.

Liz is here saying, "Live life to the fullest and share your country love with others! "


  1. Very nice thought. The pictures are all wonderful. And you are a proud country girl, good for you.

  2. Great photos but I'm just wondering where it is? You didn't say the location. It looks cool and fresh area.

  3. Christina / Memories of the PacificMonday, November 03, 2014 6:03:00 AM

    I'm loving the photos!

  4. You are turning me to like country more. The photos are all gorgeous. Well done writing.

  5. Ay grabe! Lumi-level up si ate. Push na yan teh! Ganda ng it much ha..... bet ko yun dagat.... keep it up po.

  6. The views are amazing and really breathe-taking! Really nice thoughts.

  7. I was a country girl before because I live in a country side in Portland. But now living here in LA and still loving the country music.

  8. Savannah from Savannah's AtticTuesday, November 04, 2014 4:44:00 AM

    Beautiful view, gorgeous colour, sweet thoughts and I like it! Bravo!