Monday, November 17, 2014

Morning sunshine can bring peace of mind

There are times that I feel alone~literally, but whenever I have these alone moments I use it as a great chance to see myself as me and search my thoughts and imagination and even my spiritual being. As an individual,  I think it's important that we are having this alone time to give assessment for ourselves. It can give us strength knowing we are alone but still we can manage ourselves and do the things we need to do. Do you know why some people ''retreats'' or ''retreating''? Just like whenever a person feels suffocated by his or her environment because of problems, dealing with hard people, and confused with so many things~~retreating is the answer. Leaving the heavy weights of the world and really focusing or concentrating on your self. It's more like rebuilding your foundations and healing the broken pieces.  I know it could happen to most people, those who have families and receiving an enormous supports are lucky. But not everyone can receive that kind of support or maybe not everyone wants some help either.  

So here, I have some photos of morning sunshine that I love to share with everybody.  For me, it's like a captivating treasure because these photos can bring back memories of my childhood days. Every morning when I wake up I see greatness,  I see hope, I see amazing moments. And hopefully,  you can see yours everyday...

Please enjoy my photos of a great morning!

I've taken these photos 3 to 4 months ago from the backyard of my parents house.  It seems like it's only yesterday and it never gets old. 

When I'm having my alone time I picture this in my mind and I instantly feel relax and so much thankful of everything I am now. I remembered that my fiancé Tommy told me, sometimes it's good to think about the hardship in the past to know where you're going and I agreed. I know reminiscing some bad times and good times and having a right mindset to what you wanna do or wanna be can bring an awesome result in every goals we want to pursue--that's living life to the fullest and embracing greatness.


  1. Nice forest and sunrise

  2. Gina Alcantara from Mandaluyong CityWednesday, November 19, 2014 10:48:00 PM

    Some people are getting emotional. You know im like you sometimes and its nice to know that and its true, knowing yourself better can lead you to the things you wanna be or want to achieve.