Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pancake with ham and cheese

Today is my sister's birthday and they are celebrating somewhere and I left at home taking care of the dogs and eating anything (burf burf). It's actually my choice not to come with them because I slept late last night and I know I'm going to have headache and probably I'm going to need some sleep. And yes, as I said I'm taking care of the dogs ( Hachico, Perrys, Harry, Candice and Stacey) I already feed them and checking them from time to time if they are fighting or barking  in front of the door.

I'd been busy these past few days and after that I posted the desserts I'm craving for when I'm so tired. I slept on my parents house and prepared my requirements to change my birth certificate and the process is starting now.  Oh and yea me and my sister talked--that on her birthday I'm gonna be here, that's why I'm here to check everything while they are gone. So, they don't need to worry about anything and they just enjoy and have fun.

I think yesterday or the other day, me and my sister ate breakfast together while her hubby and the kids are busy in work and school. I woke up and she's already frying a pancake. You know every time we have this bonding moment mostly with food or sometimes with make up.

 So, she prepared a big pancake with ham and cheese for a change. Usually, we put chocolate syrup with melted cheese or something sweets. But we want something different it's like out of the box. It turned out good and #PicturePerfect and I don't need to eat lunch right after I ate pancake.

After this sliced,  I get another one but because it's just so good I forgot to take another picture. It just refreshing--ham and cheese in the middle of pancake ( loved it). I also like ham and cheese mixed in the pancake. Yum!

On that note, I will leave you with that and have a great day folks....

Liz is here saying,  nom nom nom and yum yum yum! Together--it's perfect!


  1. Ngayon lang ako nakapunta sa blog mo pero nagugustuhan ko na mga nilalagay mo. Lali na yun mga pagkain. Parang ansarap.

  2. Nakakabusog ang sarap. Naalala ko kapag nakakakain ako ng pancake sa school lang kasi dun sa canteen may tinda. Grabe buti nlang may nilagay ka dito ng ibang paraan para mapasarap yun pancake. Salamat!

  3. This one is pretty good this morning, I'm about to eat and I'm gonna try it. By the way, I already tried pancake with bacon and egg. It was pretty good too!

  4. Yum it!