Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Splendid Desserts

It's always good to be back home and eat and share some good food. Yesterday has been a long day for me, I was at my parents house. We all been so busy doing stuff for me about my papers and finally the process of changing my birth certificate and fixing the error is starting--soon I'm gonna be able to have my passport. But for now, I wanna share some great dessert that I'm craving for when I'm so tired like right now. I had a great sleep and rest but sometimes even you do that you still feel tired. Right? I'm sure some people might experienced it too. So, the cure for that is great food and sweetness together.

These could be the most insane desserts ever!

Fresh ingredients, sultry sweet and fabulous looks that's really tempting and inviting.  Since Christmas is coming, why not try the following?

 Strawberries,  avocados, ice cream with condensed milk together. Super creamy and fresh but the sweetness is just right--it's like party in your mouth. When I was a kid I used to dream about strawberries.  I saw it on TV but never tried it because you can only find it in a mall and we were living in a small town far from the city where you can find lots of malls and big super market. But there's a big changes now, it's like wherever you go you can find malls even in unexpected places and of course you can also find strawberry and other fruits from a cold country.

 Banana and vanilla ice cream are just fabulous together.  Probably the best dessert and truly delicious! Although,  when I ate it one night I got sick so I better be careful next time.

 Fruit salad is definitely the healthiest sweets that everybody could enjoy. This is my favorite especially when my sister and my mom make this every holiday or when there's an occasion like birthdays.

Macaroni salad is just making me feel so good! Again this is my favorite, okay everything I put here is my favorite to make it fair.  You know when I talked to my fiancĂ© the last last time I told him I want him to taste this one. He's not familiar with macaroni salad--only he know is mac and cheese. So I think it's gonna be interesting and fun.

So, guys I will leave you with that and have a great day!

Liz is here saying,  eat right and eat good but first take a pic and make a #selfie of your #PicturePerfect moment.


  1. Oh ice cream! Vanilla is amazing really my favorite!

  2. Maribeth Villegas from CaintaWednesday, November 12, 2014 11:18:00 PM

    Alam mo ba mahirap yun ipaayos birth certificat? Buti nlang naayos mo na... Yun palang mga litrato mo ganda ha....

  3. Ang sarap naman nito. Bongga ang desserts! Ma-try ko nga...

  4. Luisita Bernal from Malolos, BulacanThursday, November 13, 2014 4:24:00 AM

    My family also love the macaroni salad,we actually have our own recipes about salad and adobo.

  5. Yummy sarap ng desserts. Gusto ko lahat kasi i know masarap yan.