Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Manila Museum and Sky Ranch Tagaytay (A New Year's treat)

Happy holiday everyone,  less than a week now and it's gonna be New Year's day celebration. So, do you have any new year's resolution? Well, I think having resolution this coming year is a cute thing but I'm not a fan of it. Although,  I am thinking to make one and hopefully I'm not just gonna think of it as a resolution but a changes in a bad habit that I have or an improvement of everything in my life.

You know my Christmas vacation so far is amazing because I've been celebrating it with a bang and there's more great stuff coming. But mostly,  I'm enjoying some time with my family, resting and not thinking of too much and just being lazy.  So, aside from blogging I also be able to enjoy gaming--yes I actually can't believe there are some games that will gonna make me so hook up. Since, I'm staying at home most of the time,  me and the kids are always playing "Clash of Clans" or sometimes "Zombie Tsunami". Honestly,  I never thought I'm gonna go back to being a kid. But when I was a kid there's nothing like it though, we don't have much of gadgets and we played outside the house with my brothers and sisters.  So, there's a big difference and right now I'm only enjoying life to the simplest way I know.

And speaking of spending time with families and friends,  I actually have a great idea that I can share to all of you. Instead of being lazy at home, why not go to a theme park or museums? I think it's something that your kids will gonna love doing because it's fun and it could be informative at the same time. 

I have here three different places that you can try. You know before the school vacation or the holiday vacation starts, my niece Maan and me went to a field trip of the school. It's really perfect because before everybody starts their vacation and trip we already did it. But it's never too late to try it folks. I'm telling you it's super worth it.....

Enjoy  and thanks for stopping by...

Happy New Year everyone, be safe and God bless us all! 2014 has been great and 2015 will be better.

"Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others"! ~Liz

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

And so it's Christmas!

Since we reached December,  everyone became very busy and everybody started decorating their houses and started gift wrapping gifts for their loved ones, family, and friends - in fact, until now some are still doing some of what I've mentioned.

So, since I've been so excited for Christmas day 3 months ago, I decided to take some photos where everybody can see and feel that "Christmas is in the air".  And what's better thing to show it? Of course, through the Christmas tree or gifts or anything that show glitz and glamour or how festive the Christmas should be. Besides Christmas is when Jesus Christ was born, it is only right to celebrate it with a bang - full of joy, happiness and love. Another thing about Christmas  is when we open our hearts and give love on Christmas Day literally.  How amazing it is to reminisce and celebrate Christmas? I know it's super amazing and really great especially if we are with our families and loved ones.

Now, how everything started?

More than 10 years ago, I came here to my sister's house and from that moment on I become part of every tradition and celebration of this family. Of course, I miss my mom and dad,  my terrible siblings and my beautiful hometown. I visit them whenever I can and also those dogs that I miss.

My whole 2014, has been great, super meaningful and truly a blessing. A lot of unexpected turns that really change my whole life. Starting from the moment I met my fiancé now, my life has been changed forever. My parents are still healthy and doing well and so as my siblings, nieces and nephews. I can't complain because everything has been so good and God made it possible.

And on the other news, I will show you now what made me busy these past few weeks. I told you,  I need to cross my fingers because I might not give you some recent activities. Like the field trip of Maan and me, the visit I made to my parents' house and so much more. But since tomorrow is Christmas day, it is only right to give you more of Christmas moments. 

Let's start here inside the house, this is our new Christmas tree. Mostly are the same from decoration to Christmas lights but the tree itself is brand new.  My sister love anything with gold color and that's why we are enjoying gold and red Christmas tree for a change this year.

Here's the picture of the old and new Christmas trees. The one on your left was the old Christmas tree ( the white and red one ) and on your right is the brand new.  It's quite similar because my sister is the one decorating it every year.

This one is the Christmas tree on the side of the hallway in Angela's school. My picture is quite blurry but if you're gonna see it in person you will love it. The lights give so much inviting ambiance and the only thing you wanna do is to stare on it.

And we're still on Angela's school, this giant Christmas tree is located in the center of the school. It's actually a big surprise because usually you can see these giant tree only on malls or parks but seeing it on school I thought it's so cool.

This manger is located in the quadrangle of Angela's school. It's personally my favorite because it shows how baby Jesus was born in the most simplest and humble way.

This one is a recycled Christmas tree located in Antipolo's central park near the Antipolo church. I admired this one because it was made from recycled materials like soft drinks bottle,  bottle cap and recycled papers. I'm gonna give the award for being artistic to this one.

And this is my beloved church, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo, Rizal.  I always go to this church whenever I visited my parents and or I just want to attend a mass to pray about something important.

Can you see the manger they made?

I was in awe when I see it. This place always surprise me in a great way because whenever there's an occasion,  they always make something that represents a particular celebration especially Christmas season!

And now, let's go to the gifts...

These gifts were the gifts Mark and Maan (Angela) brought to their respective Christmas parties. I was the one who gift wrapped the other gifts but not the blue magic because they already have designed paper bag. It was fun.

These are the gifts that I gift wrapped. Maan gave it to her teacher and classmate. And Mark also did the same thing and everybody had an amazing Christmas party this year.

I bought these gift wrappers to wrap some gifts for my nieces and nephews.  I already gave my gifts to my other 4 nieces and nephews the last time I went to my parents house and I hope they love it. Then  I bought my parents some groceries that they can use in celebrating Christmas or for every day.

So, when I came home I prepared my gifts for Maan and Mark. I'm thinking to give it to them later this Christmas eve because 2 more hours and so it's Christmas.

I wrote in every gift I wrapped that it's coming from me and Tom my fiancé because he's been too generous to me by extending his love to my family. He really made my Christmas extra amazing and so much happy.

And talking about my love, from the Philippines to the USA...

My fiancé Tommy is not only kind, generous and responsible.  He's also super sweet by showing his love in sharing his world to me - literally...

 When I asked him some pictures of Christmas trees in his area he sent me this, the tree on his work place. He is really thoughtful and super sweet. He knows I love photos, selfies and anything beautiful.

This is another picture he sent me when they went to a mall. He told me when he saw the carousel on the side of the Christmas tree he remembered me. It's because I sent him my photo before riding  in a carousel's horse. I can't believed he still remember it and it only proves he loves me.

Anyway, I need to go folks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone and be safe, God bless!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Hill, The Valley Golf and The Petroglyphs

This could be my super late article ever to be posted, here's the thing -- last holy week month of April I was kinda like busy and remember I stopped blogging for about 5 months or so. And out of the blue while I was scanning and checking some photos on the laptop, I just saw the pictures from my holy week adventure. Even I am thinking it's kinda late to post it, I also feel like it's perfect because Christmas is coming and sometimes we love exploring and going to different places when holiday comes.  For others, it's their only free time to wander and relax. So, you might wanna try adventure and that is why I want to give you some boost and inspiration. 

When I wrote something about Harry, some of the pictures were taken from the hill where you can see the overlooking and breathtaking golf course. It could be one of the tiring day of my life but it's really worth it when I saw a beautiful scenery. We basically went to a hill with the overlooking golf course,  and we visited the petroglyphs (national museum - ancient cave) and saw some wonderful flowers along the way. I told you in some of my articles that I am not a full time traveler but I've traveled enough to share some to all of you. But in my case this time is different because it's my hometown.  This one is so special to my heart because I can brag about it with a little bit of being proud and a lot of happiness.  You know to be honest with you I never explored my hometown before even if I grew up and lived there most of my life. So, it's like I became a tourist in my own native land which is fine because I love the thought of discovering and seeing beautiful scenery. Being one with nature is like embracing who you are and I do feel like I am one part of my hometown.

When we went hiking on top of the hill, I realized my brother knew those people who lived there.  And that's why they let us past and get near of the clip.

We wander around and took some photos,  we even sat down on the rocks and gaze on an amazing view. And the only thing I want in that moment somehow was to be with my boo (geez, I'm getting romantic..I better cut it now).

I didn't saw much of plants being planted aside from jack fruit, I think the soil in this place was really good for jack fruit because it's healthy and in good form. I also admired the whether, the humidity was not bad and also it's a bit windy that day. So, you can barely sit there for a bit longer if you're a fan of watching a view or sunset.

They also used those jack fruit as fences so hopefully nobody will gonna fall on the clip. I don't know if you noticed this picture is not straight or quite falling on the left side. Well, in real life that's  how it looks like and I don't wanna change anything.  I think you deserves to see it and I know you expect it when you heard about the hills or mountains.  There should be the feeling of falling or the land is not balance like that (kinda).

The golf course is just one dive away (just joking), but diving is not advisable as if you can fly and we keep this blog clean and kids friendly besides there's no swimming pool only a  man-made lake in the middle of a golf course. 

I know we are all simple and seeing picturesque view is enough but if you can afford it you can go there. It is located in Angono, Rizal (The Eastridge Golf club) just click the link for more info. Bring your entire family and friends to experience a high class pleasure and amazing moments with nature.

My brother Alvin,  my sister Nhing,  my nieces Angela and Precious and Mark... (I was the photographer)
And after some time of sight seeing a picturesque view, we decided to go down the hill and go to the other side. Basically,  the entrance highway of the golf course and the resort is where the Angono Petroglyphs located.

Who would have thought that in my own hometown a hidden gem is waiting to get discovered.  Would you believe I only found out recently that the old cave I used to look from a far is already a Museum. Because when I was a kid, the cave was closed and I was thinking maybe someone used it as a mining area or something.

If you noticed the flowers on the side of the road are really fresh and blooming and that's because they cultivated it to add more attractions for those who are visiting the golf and the resort. 

Which is a good thing because basically everybody can literally enjoyed it whether you are gonna enter the luxury place or not plus it can also give some fresh air.

In here you'll gonna see the petroglyphs site, inside the cave you can find more than a hundred of human and animal engraved on the rock wall and that can be found in the province of Rizal. Thinking about that it is the oldest work of art in the entire Philippines makes me feel so proud because I'm a filipina and it's my hometown. And on that note it means we are talking about history already- the history of this particular site has been written in every history text book that can be found in school for learning. 

Well, you might ask - why I didn't put a single picture of inside the cave, well think of it as a teaser. If you love history for sure it's gonna be intriguing for you to discover it on your own and I will tell you it's gonna be the most interesting finds in your life.

So, you can already see some info in the banner but just in case you really wanna visit the natural museum, it is located exactly before you entered the valley golf proper and the Thunderbird resort. Every one in the town knows the place, the exact barangay is Mahabang Parang, in Angono, Rizal and take the Antipolo City route to enter Mahabang Parang for easy and passable road. 

And of course,  as I told you more beautiful flowers along the way! Love it!

My nieces even asked to be taken their picture because they just love everything here. By the way,  I know you can see the background and as I told you--they're cultivating the side of the road to be inviting by means of putting lots of plants such as different flowers and trees.  And for me, I personally love the greenhouse truly #PicturePerfect.

I feel like I'm in a one of a kind paradise with lots of leisure,  pleasure and nature.

The whole day of adventure was amazing and really informative. I feel like I never sweat so much in my entire life until I walked up the hills not through the valley but it feels good right after.

You see it was already getting dark when we leave but the joy and happiness I am feeling will never gonna leave me.

Have a wonderful Christmas season to everybody and next time I'm gonna be posting my adventure with Maan  also known as Angela my beautiful niece. We went to an amazing place that you might wanna try to visit. Although,  I need to cross my fingers and hopefully I can post it before Christmas since I'm also giving you some of my Christmas highlights and anything in between. 

Liz is here saying,  live your life to the fullest and embrace adventure that you can share with others!