Monday, December 1, 2014

The 3 Musketeers

How's everything? Good? Good!

I told you last time that I went to my parents house to visit them and the dogs and since I had enough rest, I wanna show you their latest pictures. It seems like yesterday and I almost can't see some changes from them. They are always cheerful and sweet despite of the things that happened,  I'm always be loving these 3 doggies of mine.

Here's Spike, the always aggressive but sweet White Golden Retriever. I guess his dream of becoming a leader of the pack already came true. My parents and my brothers told me, he had a fight with other dogs that's living in the house. And you know what happened? He won the battle, but still we told them not to remove the belt and the chain because he get confused when he's not staying in one place. So, the chain stays and he loves it anyway.

And then here's George the Brown Golden Retriever, remember he got super restless and disturbed and oh yes super noisy? That's why my sister sent them to my parents house. And nothing change, he's still super noisy whenever he wants to and boy we can't sleep that long. But what's good about him, he is now eating so well but maybe you can't see that because his body is so thin. He only have small sleep everyday because he rather be noisy. Weird!

And last but not the least,  here's toyk I mean Perez. You see he's staying inside the nipa hut because he's not yet familiar with the place but I know he'll gonna get use to it. I'm just glad he is doing well although he's a little bit sad.  By the way, his face never change super sweet and looking sad. And yea, they already have food and  I'm gonna visit them once in a while. 

Thanks everybody and I'm gonna leave you with lots of sweetness and love! 

Liz is here saying, I'm happy with life and I love these dogs. Do I have #PicturePerfect with my cute dogs? Yes indeed!


  1. Omg! Liz, your dogs are so amazing!

  2. Guess you've been busy. Your dogs are all in good shape :)

  3. Cute dogs! What's the breed of the last one?

  4. Liz @ lizappleoftheeye.blogspot.comMonday, December 01, 2014 6:55:00 PM

    Thanks for the warmth comments, the breed of Perez is Staffordshire dashund... thanks for asking Melissa!

  5. Your dogs are all #purrfect..

  6. Your dogs are all cute and attractive! I love animals especially puppies!