Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Manila Museum and Sky Ranch Tagaytay (A New Year's treat)

Happy holiday everyone,  less than a week now and it's gonna be New Year's day celebration. So, do you have any new year's resolution? Well, I think having resolution this coming year is a cute thing but I'm not a fan of it. Although,  I am thinking to make one and hopefully I'm not just gonna think of it as a resolution but a changes in a bad habit that I have or an improvement of everything in my life.

You know my Christmas vacation so far is amazing because I've been celebrating it with a bang and there's more great stuff coming. But mostly,  I'm enjoying some time with my family, resting and not thinking of too much and just being lazy.  So, aside from blogging I also be able to enjoy gaming--yes I actually can't believe there are some games that will gonna make me so hook up. Since, I'm staying at home most of the time,  me and the kids are always playing "Clash of Clans" or sometimes "Zombie Tsunami". Honestly,  I never thought I'm gonna go back to being a kid. But when I was a kid there's nothing like it though, we don't have much of gadgets and we played outside the house with my brothers and sisters.  So, there's a big difference and right now I'm only enjoying life to the simplest way I know.

And speaking of spending time with families and friends,  I actually have a great idea that I can share to all of you. Instead of being lazy at home, why not go to a theme park or museums? I think it's something that your kids will gonna love doing because it's fun and it could be informative at the same time. 

I have here three different places that you can try. You know before the school vacation or the holiday vacation starts, my niece Maan and me went to a field trip of the school. It's really perfect because before everybody starts their vacation and trip we already did it. But it's never too late to try it folks. I'm telling you it's super worth it.....

Enjoy  and thanks for stopping by...

Happy New Year everyone, be safe and God bless us all! 2014 has been great and 2015 will be better.

"Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others"! ~Liz


  1. Looks like you've had a great trip! :)

    Cheers from Germany,


    1. Thanks Lisa, cheers to that and thanks for stopping by, Happy New Year!