Saturday, January 31, 2015

Awesome Birthday in 2015

It has been my birthday month and a busy week. It feels like I've been celebrating with a bang this year which is good. I am really thankful and blessed because all the good things in life is coming to life in front of me. Maybe some people knew I've always been saying on  some of my past articles that I actually filed a petition so that my birth certificate will gonna be change or at least will gonna get corrected.  And guess what people? Last January 26, they've already released it just exactly after my birthday.  It was like a late birthday gift but it's worth the wait and effort. Changing something on the birth certificate has never been easy. Lots of people  are struggling because it's one of the hardest stuff and complicated issue you could ever get into. But I'm just lucky because I have my family on my back and my fiancé's greatest support. So, going back to my birthday -- here's the sneak peak of my incredible week with my sister Nhing, my niece Angela and nephew Mark.

You might not gonna see my sister and Mark on the pictures but they're with me and Maan.

It was me at the house, blowing my ube cake.

It's delicious but I'm still a fan of chocolate cake. Still grateful though because I'm healthy and not sick on my birthday plus all my family and loved ones are safe and healthy as well.

This was my birthday date with Maan. Since, my fiancé Tommy is not here so I spent my special day with my niece. We just ate pizza and had a bonding moment. 

I remembered the time when I was with my fiancé because we used to eat Papa Johns together. Although,  me and Maan ate Pizza Hut still I had a great great time on my birthday. 

We wondered inside the mall and saw the Pope's tarpaulin, I heard they will gonna make a limited edition of Papal commemorative stamps. The Pope had been here in the Philippines so I guess everybody is still have the Pope Francis effect. "Hail the Pope! God is good!" We love him so much because he really give his all every time he talk about God and how Jesus sacrifice himself for everyone.  He really made a great impact to the Filipino people.

And then, I treated Maan with a cupcake brownie with strawberry frosting.

Hey, wait a minute! It was my birthday but she got to eat the the cupcake,  lol. It's fine because she told me it was hard as a rock, I kinda know it actually (shhh, don't tell anyone about it).

And after my birthday, Maan's foundation week came (from January 26 till today January 31). We had a lot of fun and I like to consider it as the continuation of my birthday celebration.

They turned the school from a conservative and peaceful place to an extraordinary mini fair and bazaar where everybody can enjoy food, parlor games, rides and lots of things to buy just like tiange or small market place.

It felt like I was a kid again when  I tried some rides with Maan, although I got a boo boo on my arm near my elbow.  And that's reminding me I'm not a kid anymore. But I was having fun so it's fine especially when I see Maan's smile telling me she's happy and that's priceless.

The last day was all about trying frappé. It's a like milkshake or something. They tried chocolate flavor and mine  was vanilla.  It's so good, by the way vanilla flavor is my fiancé's favorite.  I just remember him every time I see vanilla and I feel like he's with me.

January  is a wrapped and I'm gonna welcome February.  Who's excited for Valentines? I guess it's just me, lol!

Have a wonderful day to everyone especially to my  loving fiancé Tommy,  he's the biggest part of my happy life. And I learn how to appreciate life more  that's why I keep saying,  "Live life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with others. " 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Ahead

The month of January is my birthday month. I'm turning 28 years old in less than a week and yea I'm pretty much old or maybe I should use the term mature. My age right now doesn't affect my dreams and goals that I want to pursue in life. In fact, now more than ever I'm determine to accomplish all the things I am planning together with my fiancé. I have to say that I am taking life seriously now which I always do but also I always put into consideration that being happy and having fun is not bad. Because I'm also learning to give enough time in everything just like making or having the most out of life with my family and loved ones.

You know as a normal person, I don't know all of things and my confident level is not that high. There are things that actually help me aside from the love of my parents, my entire family or even my friends or fiancé. I also love reading some guidelines and advices on different books or booklet.

This small booklet has done something good to me because it helps me to add some confident, look in different perspective in life and tips about success and putting the right mind set in pursuing goals in life. Also in giving importance to what matters most, assessing the attitude to be better and a lot more.  The fact that I learned lots of things and still learning about life is a great thing especially that I can enjoy it without any doubts or hesitation. 

If there's no guts, there is no glory! The saying is true but whenever we decided to go and push ourselves it is better to be ready even a little bit. Because you know what they say, you can never be fully ready until it happens. But like what I always say, "Live your life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with  others." And you'll gonna realize at the end of the day that you live the life you've always wanted.

Reading good book is still the best despite we have internet. So, always put in mind that using all vehicles of knowledge into great things are like accomplishing your greatest dream.

Note: This booklet ( Personality Development) is owned by Amos Books Inc. No copyright has been made!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pope of the People

Note: Photos of this article are belong to ABS CBN : Thank you sa malasakit, Pope Francis sa Pilipinas.

Today Pope Francis left the country to go back to Vatican after of almost 5 days visit to the Philippines. He went to different places and held Catholic mass. At SM Mall of Asia, he met the families to talk about the importance of having a whole family and staying strong. He paid a visit to Malacanan Palace with the president.  In Tacloban, Leyte, he blessed the family who lost their love ones in typhoon Yolanda and visited the mass grave on the side of the church although he didn't stay much longer because of another typhoon that causes heavy rain and strong wind. And then, he went to Santo Tomas University to talk to different youth organization and religious group for the unity of the people and later that day he held his biggest mass in Quirino Grandstand despite of bad weather. Even those people who attended didn't left just to witness the Pope, it's like magic because everyone is happy and rejoicing when they see him. They didn't really care about the rain but instead paying attention to the mass.

The Pope talk about lots of things that really gives inspiration to everybody. And the things that really got me was when he said, "If you don't learn how to cry, you can never be a good Christian." And in everything you do always think well, feel well and do well! Really simple thoughts but really meaningful. If everyone knows how to help other people, this world will gonna be a better place. Try to be compassion to those who really experiencing hard times and always pray for them. I'm actually amazed because the Pope's always say, "Please pray for me." It is really amazing right? He touch people's heart to be  a better person and I hope everyone will realized how good it is to be good. And yes, lets always pray for our family, friends, love ones and for every people of the world, especially for the Pope. So, he can continue touching the heart of other people in the other side of the world.

I always say, "Live life to the fullest by embracing and sharing life with others", but now I need to add that also live it with love, compassion, dignity and respect so life would be more amazing and awesome. Have a great day everyone!  Adios, until next time :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eggs and Bacon

It's been 2015 and things are getting bigger and better. I am amazed because all the things I'd been doing last year have been meeting it's results. I am glad because I filed a petition to change some letters on my birth certificate and they already approved it. All I have to do is to request some copies so I can use it in getting my passport and anything I can use it with.  You know the processing I'd been through was never been easy but because of the help of my family and my fiancé Tommy,  things become easy and easier everyday. Well, maybe not that easy but I'm glad because the first part of this journey is almost accomplished and there's more to go. Life is like a journey forever that have ups and downs and those moments I pray God listen and always do something.  This thought goes to those people who's having a difficult time of their life. There are times I cry but the weight of the world will only test me and that's how life works to anybody. Knowing you're not alone is like saying you're lucky enough to live the life you have...

Okay, I'm kinda like emotional right now! I'm just happy folks because I'm seriously busy everyday doing the things I need to be with my fiancé Tommy.

On a lighter side, let me tell you what keeps me going every single day I'm busy. You know I don't usually cook but I know the trick to stay full and focus by eating enough before going anywhere. What's my favorite? Of course,  the easy one to cook -- eggs and bacon. Lots of proteins and so yummy.

Maybe it's just me but I think I'm seeing Elmo!

Okay, see you next time guys! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Gtg...


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome 2015

It's already 2015 and this is the year of the sheep, the eight zodiac sign in Chinese calendar. It's a great year for me, my Christmas and New Year's day celebration had been great. And since it's January, it means it's also my birthday month and the 1 year anniversary of me and Tommy. The changing of year 2014 to 2015 really bring some amazing memories especially that my family and my fiancé's family are both doing amazing, healthy and happy. I said the last time that I am planning to make a resolution but I think I will just gonna try harder this year to make everything better in terms of my relationships with my family, friends and to Tommy. And also in everything I need to accomplish,  I need to keep moving forward and plan things on how am I gonna do some certain stuff and hoping it will work. I have an amazing support system in my life and awesome people who really cares about me. And prayers really help too,  because He's the greatest.

I can say that my life is so promising. If things will fall into places life will be super amazing and it's actually happening already--steps by steps and then I'm going to be in my lover's arm.

And on that note, I'm gonna leave you with lots of love and happiness.  Just always remember,  "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others!"