Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eggs and Bacon

It's been 2015 and things are getting bigger and better. I am amazed because all the things I'd been doing last year have been meeting it's results. I am glad because I filed a petition to change some letters on my birth certificate and they already approved it. All I have to do is to request some copies so I can use it in getting my passport and anything I can use it with.  You know the processing I'd been through was never been easy but because of the help of my family and my fiancĂ© Tommy,  things become easy and easier everyday. Well, maybe not that easy but I'm glad because the first part of this journey is almost accomplished and there's more to go. Life is like a journey forever that have ups and downs and those moments I pray God listen and always do something.  This thought goes to those people who's having a difficult time of their life. There are times I cry but the weight of the world will only test me and that's how life works to anybody. Knowing you're not alone is like saying you're lucky enough to live the life you have...

Okay, I'm kinda like emotional right now! I'm just happy folks because I'm seriously busy everyday doing the things I need to be with my fiancé Tommy.

On a lighter side, let me tell you what keeps me going every single day I'm busy. You know I don't usually cook but I know the trick to stay full and focus by eating enough before going anywhere. What's my favorite? Of course,  the easy one to cook -- eggs and bacon. Lots of proteins and so yummy.

Maybe it's just me but I think I'm seeing Elmo!

Okay, see you next time guys! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Gtg...



  1. yummmm
    Have a fantastic 2015!

    1. You too Grace have an awesome 2015 and thanks for stopping by...

  2. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog :)

    Happy for you, dear! Hoping that the next part of your journey will be easier!
    Happy new year!

  3. Thank you Steph, i also hope you a great journey in life and an awesome day!