Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Ahead

The month of January is my birthday month. I'm turning 28 years old in less than a week and yea I'm pretty much old or maybe I should use the term mature. My age right now doesn't affect my dreams and goals that I want to pursue in life. In fact, now more than ever I'm determine to accomplish all the things I am planning together with my fiancé. I have to say that I am taking life seriously now which I always do but also I always put into consideration that being happy and having fun is not bad. Because I'm also learning to give enough time in everything just like making or having the most out of life with my family and loved ones.

You know as a normal person, I don't know all of things and my confident level is not that high. There are things that actually help me aside from the love of my parents, my entire family or even my friends or fiancé. I also love reading some guidelines and advices on different books or booklet.

This small booklet has done something good to me because it helps me to add some confident, look in different perspective in life and tips about success and putting the right mind set in pursuing goals in life. Also in giving importance to what matters most, assessing the attitude to be better and a lot more.  The fact that I learned lots of things and still learning about life is a great thing especially that I can enjoy it without any doubts or hesitation. 

If there's no guts, there is no glory! The saying is true but whenever we decided to go and push ourselves it is better to be ready even a little bit. Because you know what they say, you can never be fully ready until it happens. But like what I always say, "Live your life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with  others." And you'll gonna realize at the end of the day that you live the life you've always wanted.

Reading good book is still the best despite we have internet. So, always put in mind that using all vehicles of knowledge into great things are like accomplishing your greatest dream.

Note: This booklet ( Personality Development) is owned by Amos Books Inc. No copyright has been made!

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