Monday, January 19, 2015

Pope of the People

Note: Photos of this article are belong to ABS CBN : Thank you sa malasakit, Pope Francis sa Pilipinas.

Today Pope Francis left the country to go back to Vatican after of almost 5 days visit to the Philippines. He went to different places and held Catholic mass. At SM Mall of Asia, he met the families to talk about the importance of having a whole family and staying strong. He paid a visit to Malacanan Palace with the president.  In Tacloban, Leyte, he blessed the family who lost their love ones in typhoon Yolanda and visited the mass grave on the side of the church although he didn't stay much longer because of another typhoon that causes heavy rain and strong wind. And then, he went to Santo Tomas University to talk to different youth organization and religious group for the unity of the people and later that day he held his biggest mass in Quirino Grandstand despite of bad weather. Even those people who attended didn't left just to witness the Pope, it's like magic because everyone is happy and rejoicing when they see him. They didn't really care about the rain but instead paying attention to the mass.

The Pope talk about lots of things that really gives inspiration to everybody. And the things that really got me was when he said, "If you don't learn how to cry, you can never be a good Christian." And in everything you do always think well, feel well and do well! Really simple thoughts but really meaningful. If everyone knows how to help other people, this world will gonna be a better place. Try to be compassion to those who really experiencing hard times and always pray for them. I'm actually amazed because the Pope's always say, "Please pray for me." It is really amazing right? He touch people's heart to be  a better person and I hope everyone will realized how good it is to be good. And yes, lets always pray for our family, friends, love ones and for every people of the world, especially for the Pope. So, he can continue touching the heart of other people in the other side of the world.

I always say, "Live life to the fullest by embracing and sharing life with others", but now I need to add that also live it with love, compassion, dignity and respect so life would be more amazing and awesome. Have a great day everyone!  Adios, until next time :)

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