Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines is in the Air

Truly indeed that Valentines is in the air! This February also known as the love month is my second  Valentines that my Valentino is now my fiancĂ© Tommy. It seems like yesterday and now life is happier than ever.

You know what I love about Valentines?
It's the feeling of being inlove and get overwhelmed by so many flowers, heart decorations and figures and most of all sweet chocolates. What could be better than being surrounded by lots of great stuff and great people.

And on the other news, I was outside earlier doing some stuff like sending and picking my niece from school.  So, here I was walking on the side of the road and then there's something colorful that caught by my eyes.

And then I saw these flowers and heart shaped balloons displayed and seems like inviting everyone's to celebrate the Valentines. You know me, I love anything cute and pretty stuff so I took a snapped of it on my cell phone camera to share how lovely it is, ahhh so beautiful. 

Anyway, last year what i did for Valentines was I went out and hanged out with my niece in the mall. We just ate something and then took lots of photos  and selfies in any backdrops that we saw cute and interesting.

And after some bonding moments, we went to a bookstore to check some stuff. We found a lot of things but this one caught my attention,  heart shaped card with roses designs and a wedding card. I just thought it was cute and really  eyes popping color. It symbolized love and it's so much perfect because I am inlove with my one and only Tommy.

So, how am I gonna celebrate Valentines day? To be honest, I'm also not sure but as long as I'm gonna see my Tommy and we will gonna be talking random things -- I'm happy.., and of course my family also inspires me to inspire them. Vise versa!  Love is in the air! Hmmm, now I know why it's been quite

Ok folks, have a great day to everyone and always remember,...

"Live life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with others! " ~Liz

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