Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gotta Fly Away

It's been a long journey since I started to work on my passport. I can say I'm one of those people that struggled a lot because of some issues of my requirements.  First,  I worked on my birth certificate to be corrected but before that I worked on my dad birth certificate because he don't have one. You see how complicated it is? The hardest part is gathering all the requirements ( where to get and how to get ) all the necessary paperwork.  Second, most of people are not accommodating. They literally don't want to help even if it's their job. Sometimes I'm thinking I hope they will be more helpful and kind to those who needs help but yea, I can't do anything about it. And right now, all I wanna be is to be happy and thankful because I have my passport that I can use to be with my love Tommy.  He's been my best support in all of these....

So, for the sake of other people whose been struggling or at least clueless about some stuff regarding about passport, correction of the birth certificate or even applying for late registration of birth certificate you can check the following for some of the requirements and info...

birth certificate
photo copy of ID
          Senior citizen
          Students ID
          Voter's ID
          Phil Health ID 
          or any valid ID under your name
go to DFA website to set your appointment
bring a copy of your application (print out) on the day of your appointment

(Optional - it's good to bring any kind of support documents in case you need it)
 NBI clearance
Police clearance
Transcript of school records

BIRTH CERTIFICATE for late registration and correction:
certificate of negative record / INTACT from NSO
certificate of live birth (your personal copies 3 pieces)
baptismal certificate (optional)
school record
School ID
Voter's record or ID
any valid ID's you have
Marriage contract of applicants or parents
Affidavit of 2 disinterested person (3 copies)
SSS or E-1 record, Phil Health or members data record
NBI clearance
Police clearance
cedula of petitioner

Additional for correction; 
birth certificate of mother, father, brother, sister

Okay, that's about it  folks but if you still needs to know more go to your local Municipal offices and ask them to make sure.  Have a great day guys!

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