Sunday, April 26, 2015

Origami and Paper Boats

Life could be so stressful  sometimes  or every time and that's  the  reason why we tried to do a lot and play a lot to forget  or relieve  our stress a little bit. I bet some of you are not a gamer not even a fan of kids stuff. But a lot of people love games and to be honest before I'm  also not a fan of games but since my fiancĂ© is a gamer I also realized hey why not try and then slowly I enjoy  playing games. I play clash of clans, boom beach, hay day, star wars commander, zombie  tsunami,  plants versus zombie and so much more. I don't  want to endorse any of the game I mentioned  but the reason why I tell you about it because it helps me to forget my problems and focus my mind to something  less stressful  things. Also, aside from games if you are interested  in turning the colorful paper into something  creative and fun try creating origami...

And before I go,  let me share to you the origami that I created using the instructions on YouTube, really good teacher! It's Maan's little project  in school  to create something out of the colorful paper.

The following  are the materials I used:
Illustration board
Colorful  paper or construction  paper
Scotch  tape
Bond paper

And then when you already made every pieces you need like the origami, the paper boats and paper designs put it together on top of illustration  board to create a scene or story.

This one is my favorite  pink paper boat. I used to make this one when I was a kid. Hope you enjoy it folks! "Live life to the fullest by sharingit with others ".

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