Monday, April 27, 2015

Update super late (Maan's birthday last March)

Hello mate-ty!

I know March had passed by so quick and many things happened but the most important was my niece Maan's birthday celebration. Since, I'm not gonna be able to be with them on the weekend for the celebration - I asked Maan to be with me in a mall and hanged out. My fiancé Tommy, take charge of Maan's treat that's why the only thing we did was to have fun the whole time.

Wow, I just realized it's kinda hard to tell a story if I need to put all past tenses! Whew!

Anyway, I have here some memorable and cute pictures of Maan. Well, I gotta capture the moment and it was fantastic!

 She loves to try many rides and one of those was when she tried this one a bulldozer truck. I think it doesn't do much, lol.

 Next one was this dolphin,  it's kinda like carousel style. It will gonna move you round and round and round. Wow, good thing I still remember!

 And this machine only works if you're gonna put a real coin and you're gonna hit the button, it will gonna choose for you how many tickets you can have.

You will see in her reaction that she hit the jackpot!

 And the rewards were the flower (not real) and some chocolate candy. Not bad! And since I also enjoyed the moment I almost forgot to take pictures. To be honest, I also felt like a kid on that day. We really had fun and get so excited.

And last but not the least,  we bought some sweet stuff and eat some snacks. I guess we were just super hungry because Maan loves those rides so much and she tried it many times and I just got hungry because of the cold, lol.....

So, folks I'm gonna go now and until next time for another sharing of random stuff and cute things!

Always remember,  "Live life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with others" and take a #selfie for your #PicturePerfect moments!

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