Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mom's Birthday

Before the month of May will be over let me share to you my favorite moment.  It's my mom's birthday and she just turned 16, nah cannot tell you her age but I know she's always beautiful and my inspiration. 

 If there's one strong woman that I admire it's gonna be my mom. She's the most hard working lady in the world and she never complain because she loves what she does. I think she's gonna get mad if you're not gonna let her work her ass

Since I'm living with my sister  I seldom see my mom or even my dad or my other siblings. And so, I was very happy when I had the chance to invite her in a restaurant to eat for her birthday. 

 In fact,  it was also my first time to eat at Mang Inasal. They specialized in Filipino barbecue and Filipino cuisine.  So, I feel at home and so as my mom. We've talked a lot of things like I asked how she feel and her diabetes.  She's been diagnosed a long time ago and technically she needs to discipline herself when it comes to the food she eat. And I feel guilty because I ordered halo-halo with ice cream on top.  She can't eat too sweets, too salty or anything with too much of flavor. I also ate half of her rice because she can't eat too much. And yea, I got a full tank belly that day.

 But before my date with my mom ended she also asked me, how's my life especially my love life. Well, I never hide to any of them what's happening to me. My life is like an open book but unlike in the book I keep to myself some details that should be kept private. Just like these food, you can see how delicious it could be but you'll  never know until  you've tasted it.

 My life is colorful and there's a lot of going on just like this halo-halo.  My life is happy because I have a family and I know they're always be there for me. My mom and dad, who always remind me of my faith and belief. Which I never forget because no matter what I do my faith to God will always remain and they taught me that,  so I'm thankful to them. 

I know my mom and dad are both happy for me since my fiancé Tommy is coming to visit me again and this time he wants to meet my dad. So we invite them for dinner and I'm hoping things will fall into places. The only one thing I want is to see my parents really happy because they know I have a great man. And I don't want them to worry for me because Tommy is just amazing and I would love them to see it.

Talking to my mom sincerely on her birthday was a huge thing and I'm just glad I had my chance. So, let's see what's the next story for me. Great great things are happening and there's only one thing in my mind and that's,  "Living life to the fullest by embracing and sharing it with others."

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