Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rice Soup (Flavor of Pinas)

This favorite Filipino food is called goto or lugaw, basically made with rice turned into rice soup. It's tasty but mild and you can put any toppings and variety of meat or seasoning. The fact, that this kind of rice soup is almost hundred years old when it comes to flavor makes me want it in a special occasions.

To be honest,  when I had it again I can tell that there's no changes on the way  they made it because for sure I can remembered my childhood while I'm feasting to this delicacy. When I was a kid, my parents or my siblings will gonna bring me to a small karinderya or food stall to eat one of this and then go back home after wandering in the market. The truth is we never get tired of it because it's just so good and so warm that you want it especially when it's cold or raining. And for sure it will gonna give you that comfort and satisfaction. Omg, I wish I know the ingredients though! But just in case you travel to the Philippines,  I recommend it for you to taste and since it's not exotic food you don't need to worry if you're gonna get food poisoning or diarrhea.  They prepare it so well and gentle because it is made to give comfort in a cold days!

So, that's it for now folks! I'm actually a bit cold right now but not that sick and I'm craving to eat something hot and wondering maybe rice soup is the right one. 

Have a great day everyone!  :) be happy!

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