Sunday, June 28, 2015

"A Dream Come True"

Month of June is one amazing month! It's actually famous you know why? Have you heard,  "June bride"? June could be the start of summer and for others it's busy dizzy month. Well, I'm  not a June bride or anything but it's actually my fiancĂ©'s birthday and also our one year engagement anniversary. And he finally met my dad because the first time he came here to see me, he only met my mom and my  oldest brother, my sister together with my niece and nephew.  So, last June 8, finally my relationship with Tommy became formal and official because both of my parents knows it and they're super happy for me. I know they can see that Tommy is so serious about me and he wants this relationship to be forever.  I do loved and trusted him with my heart and soul. The fairy tales about the princess waiting for prince charming is finally came true. My story is never been a standard fairy tale love story because it's unique and only written for me. I have my ups and downs, confusing moments and unsure feelings but it all change because of real love that I'm feeling for him. He is my answered prayer, the man of my dreams, my prince charming, my sleeping dictionary, the love of my life and my future hubby (my better half)!

Ok folks, I guess this introduction is quite too long already. To sealed it with a kiss.....
Here are some of my precious photos that I wanna share with everyone.  I hope we can inspire some lovers out there, ..."that no matter how far the distance is...if the love is real we can always find a way"...

:) t.y.

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