Sunday, August 9, 2015

Life and Maturity

Hey everyone, it's me Liz!

This afternoon my nephew Mark asked me to write a poem for his PETA kinda like project and so, I made him one. The content of the poem should be about the puberty stage. But good thing I only need to make 4 lines and 3 stanza, not too long so, it's not gonna be complicated, that's what I thought. Well, it wasn't easy actually! Honestly,  I don't usually write poem these days because I don't focus now in writing but since I'm inspired I think I pulled it off. And just wanna say thanks to my Tommy, his my inspiration!  So, there it is....

Life and Maturity

Puberty is all about being mature,
And I'm going to tell you what its nature;
We change the way we think,
Our body change in a blink.

Next thing you know you're tall,
And never scared to fall;
You want to do a lot,
And still you become big and sometimes fat.

World is not that big anymore,
And you want to know more;
Being alone is scary when you were younger,
But all of the sudden,  you become fierce and brave when you gets older.

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