Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Birthdays

Today is September  30, but before we welcome October let me summarize  all the birthday celebrations that we had for this month. First stop, Mark's  birthday and he is my nephew. We actually celebrated his birthday at Dad's restaurant, it's  an "eat all you can" restaurant with lots of food variety  from Filipino food to Japanese  food to Italian food. After that we also celebrated here in the house. I think it's already a tradition  to celebrate  also in the house because it's  more intimate  and sweet. Just like those old tradition in the Philippines, whenever  there's  a  family gathering or happenings we tend to do it in the house of a family or relatives so we can accommodate more people or at least  we want it to be more intimate  and very welcoming at the same time for each and every  member.

After Mark's  birthday we also had my brother's birthday and my dad. We actually celebrated it at the same time because we don't  have  much time on the weekdays. So when we had time to celebrate it we just made it as one celebration. It happened  last weekend and it was actually a successful get together and birthday celebration. And then, earlier my brother and my dad came here and we celebrated  again and we were so happy and ate a lot. Lol. It was a fun moment because my dad's  seems like very much okay and getting better despite  that he is having asthma for so long already. And every time  I'm  gonna invite him to come over  or go somewhere  he always gonna say  that he's  not  feeling well but today he's  all happy and strong. So, I'm  just glad thinking about it and thankful  to God, for the miracle. 

So, the following  are the photos that I  compiled  for the whole month of September. Hope you guys love it and have a great day  everyone!

 Maan and Mark enjoying food at Dad's restaurant

 Plate of sea foods  galore plus lechon kawali, yummy!

 Cake and ice cream sorbet, you're always  gonna find these on every birthday  for sure!

Love it!

 And since I love sweets, I had this special plate of yummy treats and watermelon  juice, it was really a perfect  combination. Almost heaven, not! Lol.

 Mark's  birthday  cake and spaghetti that's  signifies long live and happy life.

 The birthday boy, he's  about to blow the candle on his cake.

 Mark and Maan preparing to eat. Now, I'm  getting hungry,lol.

 And then, my dad's  early birthday celebration and also my youngest brother late celebration  the one wearing white tsirt and carrying my red bag at Papa Johns.

It also served  as our mini family get together. We're  actually a big family,  so these people are just one half of the clan. Lol!

Anyway, I love the pizza there because it's  really tasty and meaty,  yummy!

 Aww! I swear I love love it! Delicious  meal that we all enjoyed.

 Yes, we love taking pictures  and selfies before eating. Beause we want to restore  memories like this one.

 Here's  my dad earlier before we eat. I know he felt awkward  because he's  not getting used  to  picture taking and everything  but he still grant my request  to take his pic. Hehehe, I love my dad!

And the chocolate  birthday  cake, fettuccine  pasta with bacon bits and pancit with pork belly.  One small but sweet celebration for my dad and brother.

September  Birthdays  are done and yes another year older for them. I wish them all blessings in life and safety everyday.  To become strong and healthy,  God fearing  person, loving individual so that we can have unity and peace. I always love my family no matter what and being part of their lives is such a blessing for me. God, please guide them everyday and thank you for giving me a wonderful family. :)

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