Friday, September 11, 2015

Yakimix and Yummy Treats

"One crazy food-gasmic moment", that's how I'm gonna describe my experienced at the Yakimix restaurant located in SM Mall of Asia. There are arrays of different food from Japanese,  Korean and Italian (because of pizza) that for sure it will gonna satisfy your taste buds in no time. Basically, it's an "eat all you can" or "create all you can" restaurant with affordable and reasonable prices.

We went there because it's my brother-in-law's birthday and my sister invited me to be with them and the result was all for fun and fun for food.

Definitely a fun day!

I actually felt like I was already having a full belly after I picked up some plates full of great stuff.

Their chicken was phenomenal.

And my favorite was definitely the california maki. I honestly loving the one bite size of food or what they call the "finger food". It's not messy just full of fun and party in your mouth kinda thing.

And I also love the sweets stuff...

That's why, I've always been telling myself every time I eat something sweet, "cheat day" for sure.

But who can resist some great food and sweet little thing in life?

Not me!

By the way guys, these blog post is only my appreciation for the great moment I had and it's not an ad or anything! Hope you guys have a wonderful time.

"Live life  to the fullest by sharing it with others".
Until next time for part 2 of yakimix moment...

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