Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mini House made of Popsicle Sticks

Happy  Halloween  everyone!  October  has been such a great month full of fun and happiness and quite busy too. But I wanna dedicate  this entry for a mini house made from popsicle  stick. It's  actually  the highlight  of my October  because I'd been so busy making this one and it took me 3 days and a half to finished. First time in making a small project for my nephew and honestly,  I'd wish I knew how to make one but along the way I be able to pull it off...

It started like this.... two pieces of folder stick together and then outside I put lots of popsicle  to imitate the wall outside of the house.....

After that I put some popsicle  sticks inside to create floors.... First  and second  floors are very colorful and fun....

And then, since I don't  have some furnitures so, I made some using papers, folder and crayon. Not really good in drawing  but it's  fine because it looks simple but precise.

Then I put the wall on the second floor to separate some rooms. The roof color is violet or purple as what they say. As you can notice, I used different  colours-hey it's  cool, right?

We're almost done here when I put the design outside... I created a stepping block and a big table outside the house. Of course, still made out of the popsicle  sticks and very colorful.

Now, the house is ready for occupancy  of little people... #lol

The following are the materials I used:
Illustration  board
Popsicle sticks
Bond paper
Construction  paper or color paper

So, folks have fun creating your own mini house for fun, for project in school, for a bonding moment with kids or if you can't  do anything and you're  tired with video games or anything... this one is a good replacement  and unique too!

Again, Happy Halloween  to everybody and be safe people :)

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