Monday, November 16, 2015

Lola Corazon Leisure Farm and Paradise Ranch

A travel that I never forget!

Yesterday was all busy and tiring day for me and Maan because we visited Paradise Ranch and Lola Corazon Leisure Farm for her fieldtrip in school. It felt like I've  never been  so tired in my whole life but only because of all the activities  yesterday, now I'm  feeling  so tired with aching body but I already had my massage this afternoon. Honestly, I might be feeling a bit bad right now but I can say it's  all worth it because me and Maan had too much fun.

So, here's  how it happened...

The traveling hours from Manila to Pampanga is approximately  3 to 4 hours depending on traffic. So, we decided to eat some snacks while feeling so excited to see the place, since I've  never been to Pampanga (the culinary  capital of the Philippines). At first,  I never knew what to expect but I was thinking  I'm  going to  just go with the flow and have fun.

The first stopped was the Paradise  Ranch, we got the chance to watch some aetas danced their native dance. Although, I don't  have their pic or videos I learned  a lot from them. Aeta or Ita was the first tribe  that actually lived  in the Philippines,  until now most of them stays in the mountains  and continue  the way they live hundreds  years ago. They hunt animals to eat and they don't  have good education  but some of them like the aetas we met, they want to share their culture with other people and learn new things and knowledge  that will help them grow. They have different  dance like frog dance, mosquito  dance, hunt dance, and so much more. ..

Another activity  was tree planting.

Maan's teacher adviser helped her in planting this small tree and hopefully  it will grow and bloom after some times. This kind of activity  helps the new generations of students to learn what's  the important of planting a tree especially that it plays a big role in preventing soil erosion, flood and having a clean air.

Then we left the place before lunch time. And we headed to Lola Corazon,  leisure farm where we ate lunch and continued  our day.

This beautiful  swimming  pool  was the first attraction we saw when we got inside the farm and from the moment I saw this view, I was in awe and I felt like I want to stay here as much as I can. It didn't  happen though...

 But me and Maan had a chance to sit there for a while and rest a little  bit longer  before we headed and joined some activities they're  offering on the other side of the farm. 

 There's  no doubt I'm  a big fan of nature and photography, I believed  that you don't  need an expensive  camera to shoot because the beauty of your surroundings will show in any angle if you love capturing the moment.

I was sitting  there and feeling the breeze on my skin while the sun was trying to get through the shadow of those coconut and palm trees but I don't  mind because that very moment my mind was trying to bring me somewhere  else in this world.

 Until they called us because we need to proceed on the other side of the farm... "Okay, you see I'm relaxing and thinking about my fiancĂ© right now?!" I almost yelled at them but yea I know I was not there for vacation.

Anyway, some of the attractions are the hanging bridge,  amusement park, fish  pond, zipline and they have nippa huts so you can relax whenever you feel tired.

I asked Maan to pose because underneath  that big nippa hut was the fish pond. And you can even feed them while gazing on their cuteness.

In here, she was trying to throw some fish feeds and she looked so excited.

Then she tried to ride in a swing.... and played  so many games....

And last but not the least,  we tried the hanging bridge.  It was a bit challenging to cross especially when the wind blows because you can feel the bridge move. But we nailed it.

And you can see the before and after pictures too with the view of both ends.

And this amazing view.

Thank you folks  for stopping by and see you again next time.

Also, I wanna thank God for making us safe on our field trip last November 13. At the same time I'm  sending prayers to those who lost their loved ones in Paris and of the whole world. 

We can live life to the fullest and share it with others, that's  why everyday I'm  wishing if only we can live in true peace for sure life will be so much happier! 

Peace everyone!

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