Saturday, December 26, 2015

As I witness Christmas 2015

This is my Christmas 2015...

My whole year has been amazing  and so as my Christmas season. I went to Antipolo Church  because it's  been a long time since the last time I visited my favorite place. I used to be here more often before but my schedule  changed  a little because of some circumstances.  Although, my faith to God remains the same - I always love Him and I know He is always there for me, my family, loved ones and friends.

Since, it's  Christmas  season they put up a traditional giant Christmas  tree in the plaza /park so, that  people can really feel and enjoy Christmas  with other people. The plaza is just in front of the Antipolo Church and you'll  going to notice a lot of people stayed in some bench after the mass at the church.

Here's  another  caption I made from a far.

On the other side in a mall I used to go to here in Manila I saw Olaf display in a middle of a hallway. Olaf is one of the character in the movie Frozen. I saw lots  of  people  and children  taking their pictures in that exact spot and when they left I took my chances to take a picture too.

In another corner they put a slay and gifts which was cute and very Christmas  feeling although,  they forgot to bring Santa Claus,  well maybe next time!

At the house, we also put up a Christmas tree just like last year. I have to admit that it's  been  a tradition  already and we truly love it. Christmas  is my favorite because of an awesome  feeling I feel every time  Christmas  is coming. I feel new hope, greater happiness and so much love from my surroundings and the moment is just uplifting and inspirational. Well, you know what I mean for sure... :)

And then, one time I was walking inside the mall and I saw a donut that screaming  Christmas and I was thinking  hey, I love those super colorful  and cute. It really inspired me in a sense that I realized everyone  in this world is as happy and excited as I am for the holiday. Which is really fun to think about, right?

That's  my gift  for my niece and nephew.  I didn't  wrapped a lot of gifts this year unlike last year but I know they will understand  that Christmas  is not always about giving material  things for our loved ones. Because remembering  them and reminding  them that we care about them is enough already. But I will gonna try so much better next year

Of course,  here's  the gift of my sister for me - a perfume which is lovely  and super gorgeous!  I can't wait to  use it everyday!

And here's  my family picture taken last June- my mom and dad, my sister and her kids, my fiancĂ©  and me wishing everyone an amazing holiday for everybody!

I might  be far away from my fiancĂ©  because he is living in USA but we always make sure we talk every day and try to make each other feel our love as much as possible.  He is the kindest,  most generous, loving and sweetest  man in the world. He never forget about me and my needs and he knows how to make me laugh so that I will feel better. The only thing that separates me from him is the distance between  us but I know in God's  perfect  time, I will be with him.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad,  Maligayang Pasko to all of you folks!

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