Saturday, February 27, 2016

God Bless the Dogs!

Hey blogger!  It's  been a long time since the last time I update my last article and not because I'm  busy but my life is just like a roller coaster.  Sometimes  I'm  so high and happy and next thing you know I'm  so lonely.  I've been  thinking  about it for a long time if I'm  gonna write about a bad thing that happened in my life. You know  what they say,  don't  share too much in social media especially  if it's  not funny or inspiring. I know it, who would like to read something heartbreaking  or sad story but I always put in mind the reason why I started a blog - and that's  because I wanna express  myself, my point of view,  to share what I love and mostly to become my vehicle (from my heart to this world). The story that I'm  gonna tell you is the same story that the people  I know already knew but I feel like it's  not enough, I still want to say more, I still want to tell more, I still want to spread some thoughts  of what I believed  in......

Probably,  there are so many people already sharing and fighting about animal cruelties. I actually  know an organization that's  helping animals, save them and take care of them. But is it enough?  Why I'm  still seeing dead animals in the road and nobody cares. Sometimes you will hear news about your neighbors killing their dog and eat them and still nobody cares, until it happens to you. I hate when people say, "it's  only animals". Technically,  we are all animals but human is the highest  form - really? When you say to people that you are a dog and cat lover and you're against if people kill them, some people contradict because they will start with pig, chicken and other animals that we are buying in the supermarket.  They like categorizing the dog and cat are the same with pig and chicken. Yes, they are both animals but we treated  our dogs and cats as pet and we bond with them until we love them. I might not a vegetarian but I always  gonna love cats and dogs and it's  really breaking my heart whenever  I heard a news about animal cruelty. I'm  such an emotional  person and  when I found out that my favorite  dogs died a part of me died also. I cannot  make them come back but I wish that he really died because  of sickness and not because  some people kill him. The thoughts  about it gives so much sadness because I can't undone what has been done. The only thing that I'm  praying  is that they are with our Lord now...

We had so many dogs but the 2 dogs that I've been  close with were Kiko and Perez. Kiko was my favorite  dog when I was little he was my best friend, we had that connection and I believed  that dogs really understand and feel something. One day, he stopped eating and he became ill then for almost 3 weeks he don't  even want to move. Until one day while I was sitting inside the house I saw him walking slowly from the door, I was shocked  and called his name. He looked at me and fell down in front of me. I shouted and shouted, screaming  with my brother and sister's  name while crying. I couldn't  move because the thing that I don't  want to happen was happening on that very moment.  There are so many times that I think  about that incident until now that I'm  older, still it brought me to tears. I thought it's  not  gonna happen again until my sister decided to have dogs in the apartment  that we were in almost half year ago but since we moved to another apartment, we let go of those dogs except  Harry. We sent them to my parents  house and that where the sad part happened. I have this second oldest sister who got married to a dog eater person ( I kinda hate them ) because they murdered  some of our dogs and my parents don't  want to interfere  because it's  also their daughter.  It's  really heartbreaking  to have a miscommunication and misunderstandings with your family but it's  also sad knowing that it's  because of your beloved dogs. They keep saying that our dogs died because of sickness but I know they were not... I can feel it, I was sad before but I am more sad now because  Perez died or killed recently  and I can't  accept  the  fact, but what can I do? I keep remembering that I used to sing his name, hug, feed, play and carry him. But those memories will not gonna heal my heart because I want people to learn between  what is pet and food. I want to curse in the air, I want to hurt people who don't  care about animals and I want them to realized  what they did were all wrong but I can't and that's  exactly  why I feel that crying is not enough.  

Last Thursday,  I went to my parents house after 2 weeks of moarning.  My dad explained that my Perez got  sick and just died, I honestly don't  wanna talk but he insisted  to talk. I tried not to be rude but honestly,  I want to blame them and tell them why they didn't  take care of my dog but who am I to do that? Actually,  I also want to tell them that maybe they let my sister have the dog because her husband is a dog eater  and everybody  knows that but there's  no point of doing it. I'm  sure that they know I am sad but do they  really care? Sometimes,  I wanna be numb and I don't  wanna feel pain. Is it possible?  I can forgive  them but what's  next? I can go on with my life, of course,  life goes on! In fact,  I keep telling  to myself that I should stop worrying  and feeling sad because things will gonna be okay. I still have important  people in my life, but I keep going back to... those dogs that I lost - they're  important  too! And I'm  gonna love them as long as I live...

God bless those people who love dogs and cats! God bless those who have good intentions towards animals and knows how to respect what the other people's feeling. And God bless those animals that make people happy and inspired. :)

I wanna leave you with my favorite song for coping in this lonely time of my life  also some pictures  of dogs:

 This was Perez, my super lovable dog! R.I.P. You know I love you!

This is George and he is sick, hopefully he'll  gonna make it and the white one was Spike, he was gone too. He was a naughty  dog but I understand  him. I love them both. :(

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