Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kaarawan ni Liz (Not Getting Any Younger Edition)

January  is my birthday month.

I celebrated  it for a whole week with lots of fun and extra effort from January 25 to 30, but I decided  to share only some of the memorable and interesting  photos I have. I'm  actually a selfie addict but I want to dedicate this article by sharing pictures of food. I personally  love eating and everything  about food. And it really means a lot to me whenever  I can share some important  things in my life and what makes me happy and that is - food. 

Also, I wanna use this opportunity  to  give thanks to some people that became part of my life, those who influenced me, who supported  me, who stand by me, and who always been  there for  me and that's my family and my fiancĂ©  Tommy. I've  already  wrote  some articles  about them and how they became my strength  and my inspiration but thanking  them every  once in a while is not a bad thing. Especially,  when I realized  how far I've come with all the things I've been through without their guidance, support and love I wouldn't make it. That's why I can never be thankful  enough because having them in my life is always a blessing that I'm  always gonna be thankful  for...

Sometimes I  tell myself that,  "I'm not getting any younger " every time I get older a year. It seems like yesterday and my age almost pass the calendar and I'm  like waiting in vain. Nope, I am not getting  tired of waiting and not even complaining. My life brings me so many blessings that sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it but God is good enough to let me understand  and experience life at its best. But I'm human and I have so many prayers, wishes and hopes that I want to happen and I believe that someday things will fall into places in God's  will... 

Lesson learned: Try to be happy every day with the people around you. 

And instead of  me realizing  how old I am now, I should be thinking how strong I become despite of so many trials I've  been  through because that's  more important.  Gosh,  never thought  that being a mature person brought  me so much emotions  and realizations but as I said no regrets. Because I'm  so much ready for the new beginning in my life with my Tommy! I've  always wanted  to  have a family on my own and I  know now I have to let it happen when its time. Although,  being excited makes me a little  bit  impatient but I guess it's  all part of being me. -Liz

Me trying to blow the candle while my sister is taking a picture. I wasn't  really blowing it (shhhh) don't  tell anyone!  :)

Happy Birthday  to me, these food are amazing!

My birthday cheat! Pizza, spaghetti,  black forest cake and pepsi cola. Yum!

Nachos and frappĂ©  with Maan , my niece  at school fair.

Birthday fast food obsession #tacos and nachos with my sister, niece  and nephew!

Have a great day folks! :) Thanks for stopping by #PicturePerfectMoments

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