Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Love Hits You When You Least Expect It (Liz and Tom Love Story)

I met my fiancé through a dating website last December  2013. We became friends at first and we really enjoyed each others company every single day. We mostly talk from morning to evening when he don't have work and 3 times a day when he's at Mercedes,  it seems like days past by and we didn't  even notice it. Nakalimutan ko na nga na I was came from a break up few months ago from a long distant  relationship. I was hesitant  but also so excited to know more about him that's why I gave him a chance because I can feel that he's  a good person. He has 2 kids but it's  never been a problem to me in fact I love the idea that he's  responsible and caring and I can see that through  his kids. He never lied to me or denied the fact about his past life, about family, ex-relationship, or even his status in life. He is very genuine and kind (makikita mo yan sa eyes nya).

Six months had past and he decided to visit me for the first time last June 2014. I was very nervous but very very excited at the same time, actually he told me he felt the same daw knowing it's  his first  time traveling  overseas (ginawa lang daw nya yun para sa akin). And when he told me about it of course  I believed him naman, in fact big points pa nga yun at talagang nag-melt yung puso ko. So, he met my family except  my dad siguro at that point parang hindi pa sya masyadong convince about my relationship with Tommy and I understand it. When he met my mom, my sister, my brother  and my niece and nephew everything  went well naman. I know my family enjoyed his company and knowing they like him for me really gives me happiness. So, we went to the mall, we ate, we hanged out, we watched  movie and then we went swimming (we keep repeating those activities for a week and it seems like it's  happening forever) -doing those activities with the people you love really meant something. But that's not everything because he also proposed to me to be his fiancée, I never thought  that I could be that happy. Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, totoo ba ito? It's  really one of the best thing that could ever happen to me. And then he needs to leave before his birthday  but we make our engagement  official on his birthday  to make it more special. After he left we continue our communication and showed our love for each other every day. We talked as much as we can, we really sacrifice a lot especially  on my part because I need to adjust with his time. He's  working and sometimes I need to talk to him in just certain time whenever he's  free or when he's  only free. But it's  not  a problem to me because in my heart, " I really do love him" so it's  okay to make a lot of adjustment even if it means that I need to be available whenever  he needs to see me and talk me. We send messages, we video chat,  we post sweet thoughts on our facebook and just really spend time especially  on holidays. It's hard to be in a long distant  relationship and there were many times that I thought it's  too much already and I can't  take it anymore but God is good, He helps us to get through everything and He gives me strength whenever  I feel doubt and feel really sad.

A year later,  June of 2015 he visited me again and finally he met my dad together with my mom, sister, niece  and nephew. We celebrated  his birthday and our 1 year engagement  anniversary,  I was so happy because  my dad finally decided to meet my fiancé.  I know he sees all my effort and Tommy's effort to continue our relationship, that he's  intentions are genuine and that he love me so much. All my sadness  just vanished when I was  with him and it only proved that he's really what I've really needed to my life. Before he left we talked and consulted some people who can help us in getting a visa for me. It took a bit longer before he submitted  it to USCIS because there were so many requirements and papers that needs to be prepared. The process took for 4 months before we received  the result from NVC. Right now, all I have to do is to set an appointment for my interview  and medical exam. I'm  praying and really hoping to get approved so that I can be with my fiancé  in the USA, knowing that we worked so hard for this makes me feel so excited. The waiting game is really crazy that's why  I really need to be patient and hope for the best. To those people that will read my story, always remember  especially  when you're  in a long distant relationship - always have patients because it's  never been easy. Always have faith and pray to God because in His perfect  timing things will fall into places and always have hope!

Have a great day to all the people in the world, the universe  rather!

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