Friday, September 30, 2016

Welcome to the USA Liz!

Hello everyone! I'm back again to share to you about my adventure...of finding love. Lol, sound cheesy but it's true, my last article was last May and I shared about how I met someone online and finally found the one I loved. I can attest that I'm one of those lucky ones to meet a good person on the other side of the world because these days it's not advisable to trust someone so easy and expect to get a good result. But my story didn't really that easy, through the years I encountered many difficulties finding myself in a ''long distant relationship'' yes ''ldr'' as what they called it. You see being in a long distant relationship is a very difficult choice and not many people would choose to be in a situation like it. It is true that it needs hard work and patient, every single day is a pain but also a hope of waking up next morning and finally being able to be with the person you loved. Me and my husband now worked so hard to be together and the moment is finally here--I'm in the USA with my Thomas!

3 years of waiting and it seems like yesterday, its so true of what they say that ''you will not gonna realized all the hard times that you've been through once you finally reached your destination" besides you're gonna face new trials that will gonna catch your attention instead of thinking about your past trials but at least you reached your destination safe and sound! I'm just kidding, this is life and every day is a blessing as long as we live life to the fullest and we are happy.

Today, marked my 3 months here in the US...
It feels weird because I feel like I've been here for a year (its really a fast-face scenario). A lot of things happened -- crazy things actually but as I said, there might be hardship in our life but sometimes you'll not gonna realized it that much because you're living your life and definitely I am living my life and I'm in a good place where I am supposed to be (especially whenever I'm on my baby's arms--cheesy, lol). In a serious note, I don't know what the future may brings and I can't promise anything but to eat and enjoy my life while watching youtube and hulu and try to exercise even if I'm having a hard time breathing while doing a Zumba dance to Fifth Harmony and Jason Derulo songs. Then sleep more and be lazy in 3 days.

Have a great day to everyone! Soon I'll be posting some recipes because I'm a wife now and I cook now (yes, I actually never thought I'm gonna be able to learn how to cook or bake something but it happens)-- usually I've been posting here some of my sister's creations or the restaurants where we ate or the places we go. But since I enjoy cooking for my husband and so far he is loving most of my creations (well not all because I'm still learning and its a game of trial and error sometimes) still I would love to share some of those recipes. And also, the photos I took using my Ipad :)

Happy Holidays to everyone :) #fallseason already and then #Christmas my favorite of all holidays! Adios and until next time! #PicturePerfect feelings!

 My first international flight :) God gave me strength to hold on (I'm afraid of heights)

My first road trip with my baby! 

 Me with my baby and his family!

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