Sunday, November 27, 2016


Last "Black Friday" instead of doing the usual "the black Friday sale" me and my hubby went to a stroll in a Riverwalk. It was one cold day for me since I'm  used to a tropical weather way back in the Philippines.

 We don't  usually go out that much because my husband work at night but since it's "Thanksgiving" week we got to go out and visit his relatives and of course visit this beautiful place.

 I was kinda excited when he asked me to go out. My heart pound because of happiness realizing I miss the nature and now I have the chance to see some trees, flowers and the chirping of the birds. Such a great way of finding peace and calming the mind from the repeating every day life.

And when I saw the colours of the fall, it makes me fall in love more with nature and also to my husband of course. Autumn is like a dream, the cold breeze, the calm river, the sounds of the leaves falling on the ground and the warmth  embrace of my love. Especially, the picturesque view that you will only see in a painting. From green to yellow to orange and reddish colours - you might think it's unreal but it's  definitely real. Overwhelming yet satisfying moment. We didn't  even leave the place yet but we already talked about of coming back.

Have a great day folks!

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