Sunday, February 5, 2017

30 Rock

It's been few weeks already since my birthday but I just recently decided to post my simple celebration as I always do. I don't write some stuff lately because I've been caught up with my new married life. Before, I've been writing almost everyday and earlier I was scrolling down with some articles I've written a long time ago and its funny because I realized how passionate I was before and happy in sharing important stuff in my life. But I'm not saying I'm not passionate now or not happy, of course I am thankful and blessed. Years before the only thing I know is enjoying my self, my freedom, my adventures, what I like to eat and what I want to do - but now I can enjoy everything with my husband. Yes, I have the best of both worlds.

So, going back to my birthday - I'm 30 years old already but honestly I don't feel like 30. I'm not being in denial but sometimes age is just a number like literally just a number. I'm still that free-spirited person who loves and enjoy everything in life despite of many problems and circumstances. Although, I still have that same simple life - sometimes I still feel like I'm still living in my beloved country the Philippines because everything is pretty much the same except when I go out and realized my surrounding is quite different and people are talking in English language. Seven months had passed already and yet I can't say if I'm getting used to western life or not but as I told my husband I think I'm more okay now than before. I'm learning to hold on in our situation and if surviving is life then I am living.

So much for my thoughts... I just wanna share my favorite food on my bday ;)

Pizza and black forest cake are so memorable for me because the last time me and hubby celebrated his birthday we had the same food. It's like our tradition now to include it in our birthdays. It's really a good combination - kinda like salty and sweet moment. Okay that's it for now folks, have a wonderful day, wonderful February and wonderful Valentines Day 2017. Adios!

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